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Everything You Need to Know About Dustless Floor Refinishing

Posted on April 14, 2021 by fivestarwood

Your hardwood floors are an investment. Once polished and clean, they have the power to tie your interior design together, giving your home a luxurious look. However, over time your hardwood floor may lose its charm. This is when you should opt for refinishing.

If you’re worried about a dusty house with scattered furniture, we’ve got you covered! Using a state-of-the-art dustless hardwood floor refinishing system, we ensure a clean and fast process. Here’s everything you need to know:

Hardwood floors shining after being refinished

What is Dustless Floor Refinishing?


Previously, sanding was a challenging and mandatory process for refinishing or repairing a hardwood floor. It led to dust clouds and a thick layer of sawdust in the air, on the walls and furniture, making cleaning an absolute nightmare! Even if you did cover up parts of your home, you’d still find some dust particles in every corner. Your family members and pets had to vacate the house while floors were being refinished.


Dustless hardwood floor refinishing skips the hassle by eliminating any dust or sand from your house. The Atomic Dust Containment System®, or DCS, traps all the particles before they spread throughout your home. The dust is directly transported into an Atomic DCS® trailer outside, so you don’t need to worry about extensive clean-up after the refinishing job.

Glossy finish hardwood floors refinished in a living room by Five Star Hardwood

Why Should You Choose The Atomic DCS System?

  1. It reduces the risk of airborne dust particles. This is particularly helpful if elderly parents o people with asthma or allergies live with you. The dust that fills the air can go into their eyes, nose, and mouth, making it difficult to breathe and causing irritation.
  2. No one needs to leave the house; getting your entire family to leave the house and making accommodations for them elsewhere can add to the stress of the renovation process. With dustless sanding, your family members and furniture can stay right in the house without any inconveniences.
  3. You don’t even need to kennel your pets, as the air will be dust-free, ensuring no allergies or irritation.
  4. Dust does not enter the ductwork where it can stay for months and re-circulate.
  5. You skip the hassle of sealing rooms with plastic sheeting. Your rooms will be dust-free, so you can save on that extra cleaning or purchasing plastic sheets.
  6. The immediate elimination of dust ensures a perfect finish coat so that you can enjoy your hardwood floors sooner!

What’s Next?

Once the sanding process is done, it’s time for staining! No matter what color you choose, we can customize the shade based on your interior theme and personal preference. We’ll mix and match several colors, offering various shades until you’re completely satisfied with your choice.


Dustless Refinishing in Redmond

Looking for a professional hardwood contractor in Redmond? We’ve got you covered. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded and can get your floors stained and refinished in no time. Contact us online for a free in-home consultation.