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5 Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Dustless Refinishing 

Posted on October 9, 2020 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floor is a thing to marvel; takes up quite the beating and still looks premium. But often, the forces of Mother Nature can take the toll out of even the hardest of floors. It stops looking as good as the day you had it installed.

You can get it sanded and refinished, making it as pristine as can be. Dustless refinishing makes the job easier, as you don’t have to worry about your house getting covered in sawdust. Here are a few signs your floor could use some loving:

A living room with hardwood flooring


The first and often the most obvious sign that your hardwood floor needs refinishing is the presence of scratches. Scratches are common on wooden flooring, especially if you’ve got kids and pets frolicking around. Unless you’ve got a light-colored stain on your wooden flooring, it’ll pop out like a sore thumb.

For shallower nudges and cuts, sanding will do the trick. Rubbing some sandpaper across the surface of the scratch might be able to even it out. But if it’s deeper, you might need to call in a professional or get the wood replaced.

Fading Color

The color of the wooden floor begins to fade when exposed to the sun. The UV rays can cause the paint to wear off, giving it an unpleasant look. The particular sun-exposed part looks a little out of touch as compared to the rest of the piece.

Getting it painted is a safe option, as it can give strength to the wood while giving you a variety of finishes to choose from. You could have a whole new looking floor for cheap.


Wood and water are mortal enemies and sit on the opposite sides of the fence. Moisture upon timber is not adequate and can damage it. The longer the exposure, the worse it gets for the wood. If your wooden floor starts cupping or warping, you may have a leak on your hands.

Drops of water on wooden planks.

Another sign is that some patches on the wooden floor will be darker than the others, indicating that they are holding in moisture. Usually, sanding can help resolve a bit of cupping, but the dilemma can worsen if the problem persists, needing you to call wood floor repair service.

Greying of Boards

As stated above, prolonged exposure to water can harm your wood extensively. Polyurethane from the wood starts to wear off from water, and the floor soaks up the moisture. This is nothing short of a cry for help by the wood.

If your wood is turning grey, stop reading this and get the wood floor dustless refinishing done right away before it’s too late!

Water damaged grey wood.

Blackened Boards

If those grey boards are exposed to any more water, they are bound to turn black. You’ve reached the point of no return, and you are left with two options: getting a new darker stain applied to the wood, which is a less than optimal solution. Or, you can get a new hardwood floor installation done after removing the old wood.

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