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Five Star Hardwood Floor
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Five Star Hardwood Floor

Posted on September 3, 2021

Wooden floors are a perfect blend of style and functionality. They have a timeless appeal, are long-lasting, and stain-resistant; all in all, getting your wooden floors replaced was a smart decision. However, now that you want to maintain the glossy look of your newly installed hardwood floor, you need to ensure proper maintenance and care. Read More

Posted on August 30, 2021

When asked what kind of flooring they would like to have in their dream home, 66% of homeowners said wooden floors. Hardwood flooring has been topping the bucket list for homeowners for decades. With its classic and elegant appeal, hardwood floors make your lounge look more sophisticated and aesthetic. Let’s have a look at the Read More

Posted on August 21, 2021

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that laminate flooring is a popular choice as far as floor covering materials go. According to Statista, 940 million square feet of laminate floorings are sold every year. In fact, the total sales of laminate floorings add up close to a billion dollars in the Read More

Posted on August 17, 2021

Hardwood flooring sales have remained above the $3.57 billion mark for the past five years, which shows the demand for hardwood floorings in US homes is steady despite other options such as laminate, tile, and carpet. Despite the cost of lumber hitting all-time highs recently, the demand for hardwood flooring is not expected to fall Read More

Posted on August 13, 2021

Hardwood floor installation or it’s refinishing, both require a lot of time, effort, right tools and equipment, strategy, and most importantly, patience. Here are some reasons why you should hire professionals for your hardwood floor refinishing:

Posted on August 12, 2021

Sanding doesn’t just polish your hardwood surface but also removes any physical defects from the wooden surface and boosts the performance and appearance of the finish. Here’s why it’s absolutely beneficial for your wooden floors:

Posted on August 10, 2021

Over the last few years, prefinished flooring has become quite a big deal in the realm of interior designing. If you’re looking for a durable flooring option that requires fewer maintenance costs, in the long run, we recommend opting for prefinished floors. This is also why prefinished flooring can pretty much last for decades! At Read More

Posted on July 30, 2021

Selecting the most suitable flooring option for your home can be more complex than you think. Furthermore, the importance of quality flooring is also undervalued by many homeowners. The floor is the base around which all design choices are made. Quality flooring not only provides a structural foundation for your home’s integrity but also the Read More

Posted on July 25, 2021

Hardwood floors are a timeless and classic addition to any house, providing a sleek and elegant aesthetic that is visually appealing. However, hardwood floors have a lifespan, which can be prolonged by regular maintenance and diligent upkeep. Still, these measures ultimately leave hardwood floors looking dull and worn.

Posted on July 20, 2021

Hardwood floors make for a timeless choice. Hardwood floors add an aesthetic appeal to your home, and increase its financial value in the long run.