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Seattle Hardwood Flooring Services

At Five Star Hardwood Floors, we are experts in all aspects of hardwood floors from installation, to dustless refinishing, to repairs, to simply recoating to freshen up dull floors. We live up to our name, providing five-star products, service, and communication every step of the way. Call us for any of the following hardwood floor services we provide in the Seattle area and let us show you what Five Star service looks like:

  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Dustless Refinishing
  • Hardwood Floor Repairs
  • Hardwood Floor Recoating

Hardwood Floor Installation in Seattle

From solid wood, to engineered to prefinished hardwood floors, we can help you choose the wood species, stain, and finish that fits your home and your budget. We even do wood staircase installation. From installation, to sanding, to staining and refinishing, whatever you want, the Five Star Hardwood Floor team will make sure it looks great!

Dustless Refinishing

Our Bona Atomic Dust Containment System® makes sanding wood floors fast, clean, and easy. No more sealing off rooms with plastic or dealing with leftover dust in your ductwork or on furniture, curtains and carpet. The Bona Atomic dust containment system whisks it outside to a sealed container for a fast and dust-free sanding experience. Plus, there’s no dust to ruin the finish of your beautiful new hardwood floors!

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Hardwood floors take a lot of abuse over the years. Pets, high heels, heavy furniture, spills, and more can take a serious toll. Gouges, dents, and deep scratches may require sanding and refinishing to repair. Larger problems like water damage may require sanding or replacing all or part of your wood floor. Don’t worry. At Five Star Hardwood Floor, we’re experts when it comes to hardwood floor repairs.

We can assess the damage and let you know how much of your floor can be saved and how much must be replaced. Sometimes we can replace the damaged part of the floor by lacing together  new and remaining old planks, and then sanding and refinishing it all to create a seamless look.

Recoating Your Wood Floors

Recoating is a great service for hardwood floors that have seen several years of high traffic or other abuse. Rather than refinish your floors, we deep clean them and then recoat them so the look like brand new hardwood floors. This service is not recommended for damaged floors, but is great for floors that just need a quick facelift to look new again.

If you need new hardwood floors installed, refinished, repaired or recoated, call us at 425-802-7517 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation in-home consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!