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Additional Services

At Five-Star Hardwood Floors, our customers don’t always realize that we offer some extra services that really come in handy. We don’t just stop at wood floors. We want to help you make your home perfect from floor to ceiling. Read on to see if you could use any of these services that complement our wood floor services.

Finishing Touches on Wood Floors

It’s the finishing touches, the small things, that really make a project look professional. At Five-Star Hardwood Floors, we give you choices when it comes to these finishing touches. Here are a few decisions you will be able to make about your wood floors:

Base Shoe

Base shoe is the small half-round piece of trim that sits between the wood floor and the wall to create a finished look. We install base shoe along the edge of wood floors and walls for a finished look

Some people prefer the base shoe to match the floor, while others like it to match the wall trim. If you choose wood, we will stain it to match your floors. If you want to match your trim, we use MDF (engineered wood) and paint it your color of choice.

Floor Vents

For a beautiful finishing touch, our customers prefer wood floor vents to traditional metal vents. We install wood floor vents in any size and custom stain them for a perfect match to your new wood floors. Once you see how seamlessly the blend, you’ll never go back to metal again.

We Do Walls and Ceilings Too

Yes, we are a wood floor company, but we also offer wall and ceiling work. Because our craftsmen work with wood, we can add touches of wood on your walls and ceilings. Make your home unique with custom wood shelves, wall panels, ceiling beams, crown molding and more:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Drywall patch and paint
  • Custom wall panels
  • Custom wood wall shelves any color
  • Custom wood ceiling beams any color

Window & Door Trim

Windows and doors are an integral part of your interior. We can add trim around your windows and doors to make your home match perfectly. There’s no need to hire a carpenter, simply choose wood stained to match your wood floors, or MDF (engineered wood) that we will paint the color of your choice and we will install it for you. That’s one less hassle you have to deal with.

Wood Floor Repair

There is nothing worse than a home disaster. Whether your washing machine hose breaks, the refrigerator water leaks, your toilet overflows, the dishwasher malfunctions, or spring rains take over your lower level when the sump pump fails, sometimes water goes where it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, wood and water don’t mix well.

Depending on how long the wood is exposed to the water, we can repair or replace damaged wood floors. We start with the cleanup and move forward with repairs until your home looks new again. We will work with your insurance company to help make the process as pain-free as possible. We remove the excess water, use a dry floor fan system to speed the wood drying process, and perform flooring moisture checks to make sure the moisture is gone so there is no chance of mold or mildew developing. Once the moisture is gone, repairs begin.

If the damage is minor, (slight cupping or crowning) we may be able to sand the floor and simply refinish it. Sometimes we can save part of the floor if the damage doesn’t affect it all. If the entire floor was not damaged, we can replace the damaged wood floor pieces by lacing in the new with the existing. We can sand the floor and refinish it so you’ll never know there was damage. If the entire floor was damaged badly (floor buckling) we will tear out the floor and install a new plywood subfloor, make any repairs, and lay a new wood floor. We will also repair stair treads and risers even on custom stairs.