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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Floor Sanding

Posted on November 11, 2021 by fivestarwood

We can’t stress enough the importance of the floor and floor refinishing for the strength and beauty of your entire household. A firm and durable floor goes a long way for the sustainability of your residential unit. Out of 14,000 multi-family buildings built in 2020, 3000 had four floors or more.

Hardwood floor refinishing creates a smooth surface, eradicates the dust, raises the value of your home, and makes the surface easier to clean. There is a slew of other reasons why this procedure is crucial for your floor. This is the reason why the demand for hardwood floors has skyrocketed—sales of hardwood floors in the United States amounted to 3.45 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

The floor is the most significant part of your house—so it must be handled with utmost care. This is why we believe that hardwood floors installation isn’t a DIY job and must never be taken into your own hands.

You may think that doing it yourself may save you a few bucks—but that’s never the case. There’s a high probability that you’d make a mistake and end up spending more than you would if you get an expert to do the job.

Now that we know that floor sanding is crucial—let’s find out the reasons why you should always consider a professional for the job:

a room with a clean wood floor and two windows

Floor Sanding—why leave it to the Experts?


Save Time

The floor takes up a considerable amount of space in your house, and thus it takes time to make it perfect. It can consume many hours of your time if you do it independently, while it might take just a few for professionals.

With extensive experience, the professionals know where to start and how to construct their work for time-saving. They’re well versed in the technique as they’ve worked hundreds of times on several kinds of floors.

Guarantee on Work

These professionals have a guarantee of their work. So, if they mess up—which is hardly ever the case—they’d do it all again. Whereas if you make even a tiny mistake, you’re going to have to bear the costs of redoing the whole thing.

Dustless Refinishing

Dust is a major obstacle to clean floor refinishing. The dust from floor sanding can get into your furniture and damage the electronic appliances. The professionals have the right tools to collect this dust, making your house look sparkling clean.

The kitchen look of a house with wood floor

Get Immaculate Floor Refinishing in Woodinville

We hope now you’re convinced that the job of floor refinishing and sanding must only be left for experts to handle.

Speaking of experts—consider the experienced services of Five Star Hardwood Floor for hardwood floor installation, floor refinishing, and sanding in Seattle. We’ve spent years perfecting our skills to be able to give your household that extra charm.

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