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Why You Should Evacuate The Place While Flooring Is Being Refinished

Posted on August 5, 2019 by fivestarwood

Wooden floors have been a signature flooring option in offices, homes and other living spaces. The single most important reason why it’s such a popular option is because of the subtle sheen that glosses an espresso-tinted surface.

Even if flooring is the best part about your home’s interior, it’s the worst to see them age and wear out over the span of years. But it’s usually after you’ve sorted out all other carpentry, plumbing and electrical needs, that you remember to look down and notice the condition of your floors.

Be it polished hardwood or a rustic-look wood paneling, wood flooring needs refinishing after certain intervals. It’s not only important to contact a trusted service provider and book an appointment for Floor refinishing Seattle. Before you hire a contractor, it’s important to consider some of these situations where you might need to evacuate your home temporarily:

Furniture Will Need To Be Moved

Unless you live in a studio apartment with minimal furniture, there’ll be a lot of moving and shifting before your floor refinishing can begin. This is one of those times when you’ll wish you hadn’t put your heart soul into furnishing your house down to the tee. From chest of drawers to bedroom sets and entire dining area furnishings, everything would need to be moved out while the floor work is being done. This will make it hard for you to stay in an unfurnished house hence moving out for the time being is a smarter idea.



If you’re allergic to wood dust or give into a fit of sneezes at the slightest irritation in your nose, staying in the house while work is being done will be a nightmare. And you may think it’s a smart move to get one portion of the house refinished at a time, but even sealing off that area won’t keep the dust away. The only solution for this problem and avoiding illnesses due to floor refinishing is to evacuate the area.

Strong Scents

If you’ve suffered from migraines or even if you just have a really strong nose, floor refinishing will be a disaster for your condition. The strong scent of polyurethane and stain lingers in the atmosphere for very long and can kick-start a migraine any time or all the time. Even if it’s not causing migraines, it’s still uncomfortable to live in a house where the floor is being refinished and there are strong odors in the air. If yours is a professional space, it can compromise work quality and work productivity of the employees as well.

Time Duration

Depending on the expanse of the flooring that needs refinishing, it can take from a day up to a week for the service to be fully finished. If your floor had been damaged and worn out, that adds more hours to until the work is completed. Staying within a house where you can’t move around normally for this long can get inconvenient. This is why we suggest evacuating the premises if the project is large and time-consuming. Our professionals are the best ones to consult on this issue.

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