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When Does the Flooring of Your House Need Refinishing?

Posted on August 12, 2022 by fivestarwood

It’s a little-known fact that floors can last for a lifetime. However, with time, the shiny look of the hardwood floor can dull and fade away. The foot traffic makes it harder to retain its vibrant look. Regularly cleaning the hardwood floors can help to some extent, but there comes a time when a refinishing service becomes a necessity for you.

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Here are some signs that should tell you it’s time for a refinishing service.

The Color Is Fading Away

Exposure to sunlight for long periods causes the wood polish to fade away. Moisture trapped under the finishing can also cause the wood to lose color. The moisture usually accumulates because of condensation or heat. Either way, it causes the hardwood floor to lose its shine.

Dents And Scratches

The parts of your house that get the most foot traffic will be more susceptible to wear and tear. If you’re starting to notice scratches and dents all over your floor, it may be time for a refinishing service. Fixing those scratches on time is important because if the damage increases, it won’t be fixable anymore; the only solution will be to replace it.

Splintering And Warping Of The Wood

Wood planks can warp easily due to water damage. If you notice the hardwood warping or gaps between the planks, it’s time to call your local hardwood flooring services. You can temporarily fix it on your own. But only a professional can do a flawless job of preventing the wood from splintering.


If you think using a bleaching agent will kill all the bacteria and germs on the floor, you may be right to some extent. But bleaching agents can damage the shine of the floors easily. It breaks down the finish, penetrating the wood and causing discoloration.

Hardwood floor in an apartment in Kirkland, WA

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Hire Refinishing Services In Kirkland And Medina, WA!

At Five Star Hardwood Floor, we offer flawless refinishing and staining services. We also offer engineered and waterproof wood flooring, laminating, and a few other additional services, thanks to our 13 years of experience in the hardwood industry.

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