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What to Look For When Hiring A Hardwood Floor Installer

Posted on December 31, 2021 by fivestarwood

Choosing the right flooring for a new home or renovation is important for a homeowner. The options are plenty, such as terrazzo or carpet, but hardwood floor remains the standard flooring choice for many homeowners.

But hardwood floor installation is not a simple choice because there are many factors under consideration. For instance, the color, quality, and, most importantly, hardwood floor installer responsible for the whole process.

3 Signs of A Good Hardwood Floor Installer

There are certain characteristics and aspects that you can look for in a hardwood floor installer before you invest your money:

Knowledge and Expertise

Your first choice should be a professional wood installer because it is easy to trust them. Their experience is vast, and they have worked with many clients. You can check their reviews and portfolio for reference images of their work. This will narrow down the list of installers, making it easy to select the best one.

Price Estimate

While selecting a professional wood installer is the right choice, you have to consider your budget too. Many professional hardwood floor installers indeed charge higher prices. You can get an estimate for your installation process to have an idea.

It is better to choose wood installers that offer in-home free estimates for different flooring options based on your needs. This will also give you a firsthand idea of their expertise.

Structure of Business

Understanding the business structure of hardwood floor installers is important because many employ sub-contractors while others hire full-time employees. Ensure that the business and the team have proper insurance. Request insurance certificates and business license copies for surety.

Man cutting wood for installation


As a customer about to invest time and money in the installation project, you are entitled to ask questions and request previous work for clarity. Ask the installer about their process with these key questions:

  1. Do you have any certification?
  2. Do you offer warranties?
  3. Will you provide insurance and a license certificate?
  4. Do you employ contractors or employees? Are they insured and certified?
  5. Do you set the timeline and update your client accordingly?

While you may ask questions according to your needs, these are some of the important questions you should ask. A best hardwood floor installer will answer positively to most of the above questions.

Don’t be quick to make a decision and hire the right hardwood floor installer for your home. Or, if you are looking for other flooring-related services such as pre-finished floor installation, sanding hardwood floors, and table-making, check out Five Star Hardwood Floor. We offer hardwood floor repair services in Seattle, including installation, dustless floor refinishing, repairs, and recoating in Seattle, WA. Visit our website for a free estimate or call us at (425) 802-7517.