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What is Better: Dustless Sanding vs. Sandless Refinishing

Posted on November 1, 2021 by fivestarwood

Given all the gimmicky marketing these days, the terms dustless hardwood floor refinishing and sandless refinishing have left most people confused. There’s a difference in both these processes—and if you’re considering any of these flooring treatments you need to know what that is.

What’s Dustless Sanding?

The typical sanding process creates dust, which means it’s messy because of the flooring being taken down to its core. We use a dustless sanding option. Although the process isn’t 100% dustless, it still takes care of most of it.


Dustless sanding is also a great option for people suffering from breathing conditions, dust allergies or asthma.

What About Sandless Refinishing?

Sandless refinishing is completely different from dustless sanding because the former does involve some amount of sanding hardwood floors. However, the floors are not sanded at all. Instead, they’re just buffed and screened. A coat of polyurethane is applied on the top which is the last step of the full sanding refinishing process.

What’s more, it also doesn’t allow a change of color to the floor. If there are scratches on the floor that have oxidized, screening will not solve your issue. Screening simply puts a clear coat of polish on your hardwood flooring Seattle.

Most people prefer sandless refinishing just because it sounds dust and problem-free. However, you need to realize that there are different types of treatments your floor may need. Often, a complete sanding is needed. Sometimes, if the floor is in good shape, a simple screening can help protect the floor for longer before complete sanding is needed.

If you want to change your hardwood floor color in the future or reduce dust, dustless sanding is the better alternative.

A hardwood floor


Which One Is Better For You?

If you’re interested in sandless refinishing, you’ve probably considered dustless refinishing at some point. Now that you know that the two are entirely different process and achieve different results, let’s look further into the differences.

Sandless refinishing is a better option for the shallow cleaning and restoration of your hardwood floors. This doesn’t remove most damages like scratches and you’ll need to sand the floor for that. But with sanding, you’ll be dealing with a layer of dust on your furniture, floor and in the air for days.

That’s where dustless sanding comes in. The process is designed around reducing dust. The equipment used for the process is connected to a filtration mechanism and vacuum tube which sucks debris.

Both of these refinishing processes have their advantages and drawbacks. The one which is best for you will ultimately depend on your floor’s condition and your needs. The good news is, If you’re looking to complete a refinishing project, we can help. At Five Star Hardwood Floor, we offer modern hardwood floor services in Seattle for installing, refinishing, staining and repairing your floors. Contact us today to find out more.