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What Are the Benefits of Sanding Wooden Floors?

Posted on August 12, 2021 by fivestarwood

A recently sanded hardwood floor

Sanding doesn’t just polish your hardwood surface but also removes any physical defects from the wooden surface and boosts the performance and appearance of the finish.

Here’s why it’s absolutely beneficial for your wooden floors:

It makes your floors sturdier


Just like everything else, your hardwood also ages. We are here to tell you that sanding significantly slows down the aging process. As the hardwood ages, you might start noticing small spaces between the boards.


As a result, the nails that hold the board together also become raised and start wearing out. The process makes your floorboard surface uneven. When the hardwood boards are raised, it becomes difficult for you to move any furniture along the floor or walk safely.


As far as floor safety is concerned, floor sanding also includes nailing the nails back into their original spot. The technician also sands the boards and replaces any elevated pieces that might cause some sort of hindrance. This will fill in any space between the board to strengthen the floor’s structural integrity.


It makes the floor easier to clean


After the technician has sanded and coated the floor, they also apply another coat of good quality sealer. This prevents any sort of dust, dirt, and grime from accumulating on the floor or sticking to it. When the hardwood is free of any contaminations, the lister remains in place, and the floor looks shiny for a longer time. Sanding also makes it easier for you to keep the floors clean. All it takes is a single wipe, and the floor is done!A recently sanded hardwood floor

Erases the signs of wear and tear


Almost all flooring options are subject to wear and tear as they age. This happens as a result of heavy foot traffic, furniture moving around too much, and changes in temperature. The same is the case with hardwood too. If you want your beautiful hardwood to look brand new for a longer time, sanding can really help restore the original look.


Laminate flooring and hardwood pretty much look the same. However, when a laminate floor wears out, you need to replace it altogether. On the other hand, a simple sanding job can help with hardwood rejuvenation.


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