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Unique Flooring Ideas for Modern Homes

Posted on July 15, 2022 by fivestarwood

If you have been looking for ideas to spruce up your place for a modern look, you should start with a new hardwood floor installation. The flooring of your home is one of the most aspects of its interior design. Without a floor refinishing job, you cannot renovate your property according to modern standards. It provides you with many more living space decoration options and amplifies the beauty of each room. Here are some of the most popular hardwood flooring trends you need to follow this year.

1. Patterned Planks

Texture and patterns can bring out the best features of any residential or commercial living space. Patterned flooring pairs ideally with foyers and hallways of homes with high ceilings. But this year, we have noticed this flooring design being used in both bedrooms and dining rooms as well. You can choose a combination of dark and light wooden planks to create customized patterns. You can also go for square shapes instead of rectangular ones and match this look with the rest of the décor items.

2. Ultra-Matt

When buying hardwood flooring for your home, you have to choose between a glossy finish and a matt one. This decision entirely depends on the rest of the visual elements in your living space. Although glossy floors have their own appeal, matt hardwood is the choice of most homeowners in 2022. It blends well with an overall natural theme in a room and keeps the maintenance expenses in control.

Sitting on a hardwood floor

3. White Oak

White oak is an exquisite type of hardwood that is steadily gaining popularity in Woodinville. This material can be polished and colored in many different ways to complement the architectural beauty of a luxurious property. These qualities make white oak the material of choice for Bellevue homes this year.

4. Oil Finish

An oil finish can transform any hardwood floor into a beautiful decoration element. It prolongs the life of the flooring and makes it resistant to scratches and damage. This is why homeowners of Kirkland are investing in this option for 2022 home renovations.

Five Star Hardwood Floor can provide you with these flooring options for an affordable price. Visit our gallery now and explore our work with different varieties of matt, glossy, and plank hardwood flooring installation and dustless refinishing in Kirkland.