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The Difference Between a Refinish and a Recoat for Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on October 25, 2021 by fivestarwood

Like most of the things around your house, hardwood flooring also requires proper care and maintenance. A common question is whether you should opt for a refinish or a recoat on your hardwood floor. It can be a bit confusing as sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand what’s best for your wooden floors.

Recoating Vs. Refinishing Wood Floors

Recoating is when you fix the slight damages in the appearance of your floors. It is done periodically after a few years to give the house a fresh look. Floor refinishing is done by professionals and takes care of more severe damage, like replacing panels.

If you want to learn more about refinishing, we recommend checking out this piece on wood floor refinishing.

When Should You Consider a Recoat?

Recoated solid wood flooring



If There Are Minor Dents and Scratches

When you start to notice some scratches or dents on the floorboards, it’s a good time to get a recoat to prevent further damage. You’ll need to lightly sand the top layer of the panels to remove the scratches and add a generous layer of polyurethane coating to extend the life of your floor.

If the Boards Have Gone Dull

Another reason you should consider recoating is if your floorboards have gone dull. A quick coat of polyurethane adds a glossy sheen to the floors and re-enforces the panels with a protective layer. You’d be surprised to know how much a recoat can improve the look of your floors.

When is Refinishing a Good Idea?

If the Boards Are Considerably Damaged

If your floors have suffered extensive wear and tear over 5-6 years, then you’ll want to opt for a refinishing job. For that, you’ll need to hire professionals who will restore your floors by deep sanding and even removing some damaged panels.

If You Need a Color Change

Refinishing is also good if you feel like changing the look and feel of your room. With refinishing, you have the option to change the color of the panels after sanding. You can choose a new color from the many different staining options.

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