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Small Changes That Will Make A Big Difference To Your Hardwood Floors

Small Changes That Will Make A Big Difference To Your Hardwood Floors
Posted on July 5, 2019 by fivestarwood

Sometimes it’s not about making revolutionary transformations; the smallest ripple can lead to huge changes.

You may have moved into a new house which has hardwood flooring. However much you try, you just can’t seem to like the worn out, outdated wood floors with infinite scratches in sight. Even if you’re a décor enthusiast by nature, ripping the floorboards apart, plank by plank, is not always the ideal solution (cost- and convenience-wise). If you really want to freshen up the look of the old hardwood in your new abode, you can use simple tips to make small changes in the flooring that don’t involve hefty work or a fortune of funds.

If anything, give your flooring some credit for being durable even if it seems old and dusty on the surface. In any case, rustic-chic is the new hit in the interiors market and what better way to get that flooring style than have a floor that has rusted naturally.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you transform the look of your hardwood flooring.



If you’ve bought an old property, chances are that it has been decades since the floors were last refinished. Refinishing is not only important for the appearance of the floorboards but also for protection of the wood. Depending on the condition of the flooring, you may even need a recoat to add a fresh protective layer over the old wooden planks. Recoating on top of the old finish will save you time and money and also fulfill the purpose to satisfaction. However, if you’re not too fond of the color of wood flooring your house, you’ll need to invest in a refinish.

Light Cleaning For Shine

This is a common characteristic of old hardwood floors: the floor shine is not consistent across the entire floor space. You may be surprised to know that it’s probably dust patches or dirt that has caused the discoloration and it can easily go away with light cleaning or a Dustless Refinishing Seattle. While you’re at it, don’t be over enthusiastic about the cleaning process because you might end up using a cleaning solution that’s too harsh. This might bleach the wood and make the results worse from how you started. If your floors were waxed previously, it’s best to use cleaning compounds to wipe off any dirt before waxing the surface afresh.

Check Humidity Levels In The House

Wood is a porous material which expands and contracts under varying temperatures. Rise in levels of humidity and increase in the moisture content can cause your wood to buckle and this will create gaps between the floorboards. To avoid such inconveniences, you need to maintain your flooring well especially when the season is warm and rainy. Ideally, the temperatures should stay within 60-80 Fahrenheit and humidity should range between 30% to 50%.

We offer waterproof wood flooring and dustless hardwood floor refinishing to residential clients in Seattle. If you need to revamp the flooring in your new house, call us now and we’ll be happy to give your home a makeover.