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Protecting Your Hardwood Floor From Water Damage In Kirkland

Posted on July 10, 2020 by fivestarwood

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Water is the enemy when it comes to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are built to withstand high-heeled shoes, kids, pets, and even extensive remodeling. But you have to be extra careful and pay close attention when it comes to water damage. If you protect your hardwood floor from water today, your investment will become an asset in the long run—especially if you want to sell the property one day.

Water can be disastrous for many types of floors. However, the damage it causes to hardwood floors is significant and irreversible, due to the resulting warping and discoloration.

The following are some practical ways to keep your hardwood floor safe from any water damage:

Don’t Ignore The Importance Of Plumbing

You should check your home’s plumbing before installing a hardwood floor. Plumbing disasters are leading causes of hardwood floor water damage—ranging from minor leaks to flooding.

Moreover, if you’re incorporating hardwood flooring in an old property, ask a professional plumber to inspect the plumbing system comprehensively before you proceed.

Keep The Sealant Up To Date

Wax or polyurethane sealants protect your hardwood floor from being completely destroyed by water damage. While sealants won’t waterproof your floor, they can give it an additional layer of protection so you have enough time to clean up any spills.

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Keep An Eye Out For Wet Floors

Taking care of your hardwood floor might sound exhausting. But after some trial and error, you can quickly get attuned with what you need to avoid.

Wipe any spills and splashes right away. Don’t let small droplets of water sit on your hardwood floor. It’ll help if you keep a towel nearby to attend to any spills on your wood floor.

Another way to avoid ruining your floor with water is to be careful when it comes to your shoes. You should place rugs by the door so that any mud can be wiped off at the entrance. You also shouldn’t let dirty shoes sit on your hardwood floor.

Clean Regularly

Vacuuming and sweeping are just two water-free methods to clean your hardwood floor without ruining its texture or quality. You can use these methods to your heart’s content to keep dirt and debris away from the surface.


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