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Preparing Your House for a Hardwood Floor Installation

Posted on July 20, 2022 by fivestarwood

Summers are finally here, and many homeowners have been waiting to get their homes renovated. Some have already decided what they want to do with their interior décor, while others are still looking for ideas on the internet. Although this time can be exciting for a homeowner, there are many concerns related to inconvenience. So follow these preparatory guidelines and save yourself from all of this hassle.

1. Move the Furniture

To save time during the hardwood floor installation project, you should move your furniture and carpet off the floors. You can leave the items too heavy to lift, but ensure everything is sorted and organized before the flooring installation contractors’ visit.

2. Unplug the Electronics

Disconnecting your appliances is also important to reduce inconvenience during floor installation. If you leave this task to amateur flooring contractors, they might damage the appliances in a hurry to unplug them.

3. Finish the Rest of the Renovations

Flooring installation should be the last thing on your home renovation list in terms of sequence. Get your walls painted, electrical fixtures repaired, and all other projects are done before moving on to floor refinishing. Because if you do any of these jobs on a new floor, it could easily get damaged.

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4. Take Care of Door Adjustments

There should be enough space between the doors and the floor that the door can move without any contact. Once you have added a thick layer of the additional floorboard, this gap may close, and you will have to pay for more expensive repairs. Make sure to check the door’s functionality beforehand and adjust its height to complement the new floors.

5. Keep Children Out

It is better to get floors installed in the absence of children because it would help things finish quicker. Additionally, the chemicals and machinery used in the installation process could threaten their health.

6. Clear Your Schedule

Home renovation projects rarely finish at the decided time. This is why you should mentally prepare yourself ahead of the day. Clear your schedule and leave some extra time for inspection after the hardwood floor installation.

The expert professionals at Five Star Hardwood Floor can give you many more tips to prepare for a floor refinishing or installation job at home. So call us now and book your appointment!