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Lighten Up That Dark Mood! How to Contrast Dark Hardwood Floors

Posted on September 19, 2019 by fivestarwood

Nothing beats the class and appeal of matt-polished dark hardwood floors when it comes to home interiors. The subtle gleam of wood-paneled floors stretching from wall to wall and corner to corner enhances the beauty of interiors and creates a modern feel.

However, your interiors don’t end with just settling on the perfect choice of floors. You need to stick to a color theme and make sure everything else falls into place. This also means that you balance the color of your dark hardwood floors with a nice contrast.

Here’s what can lighten up the mood of your place.

White Walls and Light Wood Furniture

White Walls and Light Wood Furniture

If you already have espresso-colored floors, you shouldn’t be going with dark wood furniture as well. That would just make the atmosphere too somber for taste and quite plain as well. Ideally, the furniture should match the warmth of dark hardwood but be a few tones lighter so there’s an aesthetic gradient of colors in your interiors.

For instance, you can pair maple- or cherry-toned wooden dining furniture with a dark floor and against the backdrop of whitewashed walls. With such dominant colors in the space, you don’t need a wallpaper to make the visual space even busier. Just keep it plain and simple with a white finish.

Match Furniture Legs To the Hardwood

If you’re too keen on maintaining the same color theme across the floors and furniture, you can lighten the ambiance with the walls and upholstery. Matching your wooden furniture to your floors add an elegant touch to your interiors. But you should highlight the space with pale walls, curtains in pastels and creams, and bright lighting.

You don’t have to stick with white for the walls but make sure it’s considerably lighter than the floors and furniture. This mix of light and dark prevents the atmosphere from being too heavy on the nerves.

The Woods and Whites: Mix it Up

Not everyone wants to give off a chic urban impression of their interiors; they prefer to look more natural. You can aim for a variety of colors in wood to create a forest-like diversity.

The Woods and Whites: Mix it Up

If you’re set on dark hardwood for floors, experiment with lighter colored wooden chairs and hang a pendant light to stand out. Don’t forget to accent your place with greens at corners and on the tables and also near the windows. If it’s wild you want, wild is what you’ll get.

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