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Is Engineered Hardwood More Waterproof than Hardwood?

Posted on September 14, 2022 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors are the most popular flooring choices for many American homeowners. They are made of wood species like walnut, oak, maple, etc., and have a longer lifespan than most flooring designs on the market.

On the contrary, engineered hardwood floors have a high-quality plywood core and are almost identical to solid hardwood. They are more affordable, durable, and water-resistant than solid hardwood. The only drawback is that engineered hardwood flooring can’t be refinished to have a longer lifespan. Nonetheless, they are a great option for homes with pets and kids. Here’s why!

Solid Hardwood Floors vs. Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are the least waterproof among all the different flooring options. They are completely organic and, therefore, highly sensitive to water damage. Solid hardwood also requires regular care and maintenance due to its water sensitivity. Hardwood floors exposed to excessive moisture content may change their appearance or structural foundation. Moreover, high humidity levels can cause the solid hardwood floorboards to cup or warp, producing a washboard-looking floor that is visually unappealing. Therefore, solid hardwood isn’t an ideal choice for owners looking for a more water-resistant flooring option.

Engineered hardwood flooring in an empty room

Engineered hardwood is more resilient and stable than solid hardwood. It can handle varying humidity levels throughout the year and is more water-resistant than natural hardwood. The wood composite layer core and solid wood top make engineered hardwood tough and durable. The high-quality solid wood top resists moisture changes and prolongs the engineered hardwood floor’s lifespan for a good few years.

Is Engineered Hardwood Really Waterproof?

All traditional engineered hardwood is water-resistant and not completely waterproof. The vinyl core resists moisture damage and prevents the solid hardwood from wearing out early on. Since the outer layer of engineered hardwood is still organic, even engineered hardwood is susceptible to wearing out due to water damage over the years.

The Bottom Line

Choose the right flooring design for your home depending on the following factors:

  • Where are you planning to install water-resistant flooring?
  • Do you have pets or children at home?
  • Are you planning to install a flooring design to boost your property value?
  • Do you wish to get a flooring system that can last for at least 15 years?

If you cannot decide which flooring design will best meet your needs, contact our experts at Five Star Hardwood Floor. We’ll help you determine whether you should install engineered or solid hardwood. Call us now for more details.