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How to Protect Your New Hardwood Floors from Pets

Posted on March 11, 2020 by fivestarwood

Are you excited about getting new hardwood floors in your house? Yay! for that (except, you have a pet at home).

You might have dreamt about renovating the flooring of your home by going with espresso-colored hardwood. And they can definitely amp up the urban appeal of your interiors! But it’s a pain in the neck to keep your pet from ruining the sleek appearance of your floors. They’ll urinate, poop, scratch or even drool whenever and wherever they like.

This can make it difficult to keep the floors from staining, smelling, bleaching, or even infecting. You need proper guidelines to live with a pet in a house with hardwood floors. Here are a few suggestions.

Clean accidents as soon as possible

You may love your furry friends to the moon and back but it’s annoying when they take a leak on your newly polished hardwood floors!

As disgusting as the stench may be, you can’t let the filth sit on the floors. The longer it sits on the surface, the greater the damage will be to the hardwood (and your health). It’s best to pick a mop and clean the place as soon as you can to prevent staining or warping.

It’s okay to just wipe it off with a wet towel or soft cloth for now. But if this happens too frequently, you’d want to get a deep-cleaning treatment to sanitize the place.

Prevent scratching with nail caps

Hardwood Floors from Pets

Cats have a habit of scratching surfaces. Be it a tassel hanging from a pillow, a rug, or just your plain hardwood floors, they’ll scratch it to their heart’s desire.

Since they’re born to be predators, they have sharp, claw-like nails that help them prey on other animals.

However, these nails can be more destructive in a home setting. You have your hardwood floors to protect from their scratch marks and the only way to do that is to trim their nails.

But if you’ve had a cat for long, you’d know how much they hate getting their nails trimmed. This is why nail caps are your best shot. They won’t even realize that they’re wearing them and your floors will stay safe.

Train your pet

While all these hacks do help maintain your hardwood floors, it’s still not easy with a pet in the house.

You can’t always keep cleaning pools of pee or preventing scratch marks. If you’re a pet person for a long time, it’s best to train your pet.

It’ll help to have markers along the floor and training your pet to stay away from that. You could also leave out some part of the house while getting hardwood flooring and reserve it for your pet. This will make the job easy and relieve half of your stress.

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