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How to Know If Your Floor Needs Refinishing

Posted on January 5, 2022 by fivestarwood

While your hardwood floor beautifies the vibe of your home, you have to maintain its surface and color. Hardwood floors are deceptive because sometimes scratches and discoloration do not mean the floors need refinishing.

Yet, refinishing the wood floor is necessary to bring it back to its original condition and color. You can get a fairly reasonable option for floors in decent shape, such as wood floor recoating or screening.

But, there is only one way to restore the damage for a floor completely worn out: refinishing and sanding. Screen your floor closely for any of the signs mentioned below:

Dents and scratches

Although minor scratches and dings are impossible to avoid on wooden floors, any major scratches damage the poly coating of the wood itself. Your floor becomes prone to water damage with scratches. Only dustless refinishing can enter deep to address the damage.

Graying Boards

Gray boards add a charm to older homes, but actually, it indicates water damage. Refinishing gray floorboards makes them as good as new and brings their original condition back. Keep in mind that black floorboards should be replaced.

Discoloration and Fading

When exposed to sunlight, the hardwood floor starts to lose its color due to UV rays. Notice any fading changes on your floor, especially near the windows and glass doors. If you find any discoloration or faded floorboard, it is time to get the floor refinished.

Water Stain from Spills

Floorboard stains occur because of water damage. Immediately wiping spills prevents water stains. But any unaddressed water damage from plumbing leaks and air conditioner drips stain the floorboards. Your floor requires refinishing to avoid the finish thinning and protect and reveal the clean layer of wood.

Moisture Damage

The cupping in floorboards indicates moisture or water damage in the floor. If you notice any downward bend in the floorboards, it indicates water damage. This damage can occur due to spills as well as humidity, leaks, and pet damage. Dustless refinishing will resolve the cupping problem.

Floorboard Splinters

Any visible splinters or getting a painful tinge in your feet while walking barefoot is also a sign of a damaged floor. It means the wood underneath has worn out and needs refinishing to restore its smooth texture.

Gapping in the floorboard


If you have noticed any of these signs on your floorboard, you can get dustless wood floor refinishing in Seattle from Five Star Hardwood Floor.

Our experienced team captures and disposes of all the dirt and dust. We use three coats for the commercial and high-end finish to protect your floor for years. Contact us to get a free estimate today or learn more about our services.