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How To Keep Your House Warm With Wood Floors

Posted on February 20, 2020 by fivestarwood

Are you tired of paying hefty energy bills just because you don’t want to have freezing toes and a runny nose in the winters? The cost of keeping your house warm in winters can go through the roof and that’s a constant stressor for most households.

Even though the general temperature in Seattle is quite temperate, there are days when the temperature can drop to freezing levels. December being the coldest month in the area sees a temperature drop to 1 degree Celsius!

When the situation gets dire as such, you need all you can get to keep yourself warm. Installing heaters is just not enough; you need your interiors to adapt to it. That’s why we suggest wood floors because they’re better at keeping the house warm than ceramic or tiled floors. But you have to follow a proper maintenance routine for them. Here are some suggestions.

1. Install a Hygrometer

Since moisture is a big no-no in wood paneled homes, you have to be extra cautious with maintaining moisture balance during winters. If not, it can warp and damage your floors.

Install a relative humidity sensor (also called a hygrometer) so that you can keep the humidity levels in check. This becomes a risk during the hours when the heater is working. If the levels of moisture drop below 30 percent, turn off the heat immediately because drying out wood completely can distort its shape.

2. Seal all openings

Since keeping the heater on for long hours is a threat to the wood, you have to look at other alternatives to keep the house warm. Insulation is the key to protection against the cold if your house is paneled with wood.

Seal all openings in your house including doors, windows, vents and door drafts. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can also get double-paneled insulation window glass installed for improved protection.

Warm With Wood Floors

3. Place Area Rugs and Carpets

One of the many daily battles you fight during the winters is getting out of your cozy bed and placing your feet on the ice-cold floor! Just thinking of that sends chills down our spine.

But here’s a solution for that: be smart about the placement of rugs and mats on the floor. The added texture is a great insulator to preserving warmth during winters. It’s especially important to have rugs along the entryway because that’s where the outdoor air enters the house.

4. Refinish your Floors

It’s normal for wood floors to be slightly cold during winters but if your hardwood is getting unusually cold, you might want to call up a floor refinishing expert. The finish wears out with time due to heavy foot traffic, dirt, grime or water spillages. Our team can come in and assess your wood floor and recommend a suitable treatment to bring them back to their former glory.

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