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How to Increase Home Value with Hardwood Floors

Posted on April 4, 2022 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors are one of the best choices in flooring materials. Whether you want to sell your home now or in the future, hardwood floors always are a good choice if you want to gain a significant sum upon selling.

Even though hardwood flooring is considered a luxurious and expensive flooring option, there are plenty of reasons why homeowners prefer them over other types of floorings. Besides other benefits, they require lesser repair and cleaning costs and can make your house sell faster.

A room having hardwood flooring installed

How Much Value Does Hardwood Flooring Add To Your Home?

According to, your house value can increase by more than 2.5%. Wooden floors make your house look more attractive to customers as they are more durable, easy to clean, and look better than most flooring options.

Why Should You Swap Carpets For Wood?

Even though Hardwood is a more expensive option, it is better to replace your carpets with wooden floors.

Hardwood floorings range from $5 to $10 per square foot. Installation costs are between $4 to $8 per square foot. This might seem a lot, but in reality, this is quite a worthwhile investment.

Most homeowners want things ready when they move in and do not want any work. Thus, if they see carpet flooring in your house, they might move on. Conversely, hardwood flooring is a timeless option in flooring and is attractive to most customers.

Make Sure That You Maintain The Flow Between Rooms

You must pay attention to the look and feel of your home. If you are only going for wooden flooring in a few rooms of your house, try to maintain a flow when transitioning from one room to another. Even though hardwood flooring looks great on its own, it is difficult to mesh it with other types of flooring.

Match The Kitchen Upgrades With The Flooring

Hardwood flooring is ideal for the kitchen due to its durability and the modern non-stain options available in the flooring industry.

A kitchen with hardwood flooring installed

Make sure that your classy hardwood flooring is paired with matching similar appliances. Modernizing other facets will ensure you a higher return on the investment.

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