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How to Disinfect Hardwood Floors to Beat COVID-19

Posted on April 7, 2020 by fivestarwood

According to the live updates shared on worldometer, the coronavirus case count has approximately reached 737,589 with 35,000 reported fatalities. These statistics show why COVID-19 is ranked among the deadliest pandemics that the world has seen throughout history.

While healthcare facilitators around the globe are putting their all in fighting the virus, it’s our shared responsibility to protect our people as well. It’s important that we keep our living spaces clean and disinfect them against possible contaminants.

Homes that have hardwood flooring struggle with cleaning the surface without damaging it. Here are some tried and tested ways to make sure that your house is clean.

Prepare for Cleaning

We understand that your hardwood floors are the pride of the house and you may have decorated your home with various furniture pieces. But if you are to keep your space clean, you need to follow strict measures of disinfecting the flooring. For that, you need to prepare the house first.

Move all light furniture items such as ottomans, stools, chairs and tables into one corner and clear the space. Vacuum any dust that you see lying around as it could lead to contamination.


Begin Disinfecting

Healthcare authorities recommend using a mild mixture of bleach and water to disinfect surfaces in homes. Since bleach contains sodium hypochlorite, it’s best for disinfecting viruses. However, most people fear bleaching or staining hardwood floors by wiping them with bleach.


To minimize risks of damage, make sure you only use a household bleach solution that is diluted in water to create a mild mixture. This solution should be gently sprayed on polished, non-porous wood and wiped off.

For the best results and to minimize all risks, gently wipe the floor with this solution every time someone enters the house.

Steam Cleaning

If you have a steam cleaner at home and a rather large house, it might get difficult to mop the entire space with sodium hypochlorite. You can even disinfect the surface with a steam cleaner without mixing anything with water. However, it’s best that you restrict steam cleaning for rooms and parts of the house that don’t get much foot traffic. Since bleach is the fastest disinfectant against viruses, it’s best that you use it in the main hallways and entrances where the risk of contamination is the highest.

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