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How Strong is An Epoxy Table?

Posted on November 15, 2021 by fivestarwood

Choosing furniture for our homes, we always keep longevity in mind. Everyone wants durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing items around their house – and when it comes to choosing a table, it is no different. Yes, looks matter – but stability and construction are also extremely important to look at when you are picking out the perfect table for your home.

A table with a flower pot.

Wooden Tables

Tables made of wood are typically preferred – and wooden furniture, particularly tables, suits every home. Wood offers an aesthetic appeal and structural integrity that no other material can offer. When made right, they are long-lasting and durable.

Epoxy Tables

So, what exactly is an epoxy table – or rather, what is epoxy?

Epoxy is an adhesive that is a type of polymer and is considered the strongest of all types of adhesives. It is water-resistant, chemical and heat resistant, and solvent-free, which makes it extra durable.

Using epoxy for wood is good for both creative and repairing purposes. It is a great multi-purpose option that can be cut, ground, and polished for different effects.

Flower vase on a tabletop.

How Strong Are Epoxy Tables?

Once hardened and cured, epoxy creates a surface that lasts for years (and a shine that lasts for long). Unlike other types of adhesives, epoxy holds the table together and is not prone to cracking or other damages. It has a high-gloss finish and offers an unlimited design potential – so if you are looking to get your table made, you can be involved in the whole process and get a look that you would like.

Tensile and Shear Strength

Your adhesive needs to have both tensile and sheer strength to make it structurally strong and resistant – and this is where epoxy stands out. Epoxy tables have high shear strength and good tensile strength, which is why they can withstand high pressure from any direction. Generally, epoxy is used for heavy-duty projects and repairs, so you can imagine how strong an epoxy table would be.

So, when you decide to go for an epoxy table, you need to make sure you are getting it made from a trusted service that understands your needs and concerns and will give you a product that you would benefit from.

If you are looking for a good table in Redmond, check us out at Five Star Hardwood Floor. We are experts in making epoxy tables from scratch and offer hardwood floor installation, dustless refinishing, and sanding floors, among other services. You can contact us to learn all about it and get your hands on a good epoxy table.