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How Often Should You Clean Your Hardwood Floors?

hardwood flooring in a living room
Posted on September 9, 2022 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors are trendy, stylish, warm, and durable. They enhance your home’s aesthetics and boost property value significantly. Homeowners who wish to sell their homes often consider hardwood floor installation to get top dollar for their property. While wooden floorboards are easy to install, maintaining them can be a hassle. Factors like high moisture content, humidity, extreme weather conditions, dust and grime accumulation, and lack of proper cleaning can cause your flooring to wear out prematurely. In these circumstances, what do you do to improve your floor’s longevity? How often do you clean your hardwood flooring to maintain its original color and shine? Read this blog to find out!

Sweep Your Floors Daily

To ensure your floorboards remain in good condition for a long, sweep your hardwood floor daily. Use a soft-bristled broom to clear the dust and dirt that accumulates on the flooring’s surface. Sweeping is a good practice and can prevent your floorboards from damaging early on.

You can also use damp mops to wipe stains and grime. Avoid thoroughly-drenched mops as they could cause your floorboards to warp and swell.

Don’t Use Cleaning Agents Regularly

Sweeping your floor daily is fine if you don’t use harsh chemical products. Bleaching agents and harsh chemicals can ruin your floor’s shine and overall texture. Thus, protect your floorboards by not using abrasive equipment or tools as they might leave scratches or dents on your flooring.

A Four-Step Process to Cleaning Hardwood Daily

A man sweeping hardwood floor

Consider the following steps for cleaning hardwood floors that receive high foot traffic daily:

  1. Remove all rugs and mats and clear the dust accumulated underneath. While many individuals focus on cleaning under heavy furniture, sweeping under the rugs is equally important.
  2. Sweep or vacuum to eliminate any dust particles, pet fur, dust bunnies, etc.
  3. Use a damp mop after vacuuming to enhance the floor’s visual appeal. You can also add a few drops of anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid to minimize health concerns for yourself and your family.
  4. Hardwood floors may lose their original shine despite being cleaned daily. In this context, homeowners are advised to consider refinishing servicesto maintain their floor’s overall integrity.

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