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How Do I Know My Hardwood Floor Is Sealed?

Posted on September 2, 2022 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors are durable and can last several years if properly cared for. They can improve your home’s indoor aesthetics and boost its market value better than engineered floors. The only dilemma is that hardwood floors are susceptible to wear and tear with time and may require regular refinishing services to maintain their luster and appearance.

Continue reading this blog to learn the factors that can ruin your hardwood’s seal and what you can do to identify the problem.

Factors That Can Affect Your Hardwood’s Seal

  • Improper floor installation
  • High moisture content
  • Water under the flooring
  • Improper acclimation
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Improper cleaning or scrubbing
  • Using harsh chemicals on the floor

Ways to Identify Sealed Hardwood Floors

Look out for the following symptoms to tell whether or not your hardwood floor has lost its seal:

1. Cracks between boards

Hardwood floorboards shrink during the colder months, causing the seal to break. Frequent weather variations can ruin your wood flooring well before time. Thus, contact refinishing services if there’s significant space between your floorboards.

2. Floor Buckling

Floor buckling is the hardwood floor’s reaction to excessive moisture content. The planks lift several inches from the subfloor, losing their lustrous seal in the process. Floor buckling clearly indicates that your flooring lacks a proper seal.

3. Cupping

Frequent water spills can also cause your hardwood floor to expand. Cupping happens when wood absorbs moisture and causes the planks to compress together. The deformed edges crush into each other, affecting the flooring’s seal.

A close-up image of wooden planks

4. Shiny Surface

Sealed floorboards are likely to reflect light and display a shiny coating. Therefore, use a flashlight to see if the surface appears lustrous. If it doesn’t, contact hardwood floor refinishing services near you to restore your floor’s visual appeal.

5. Water Beading Test

The best way to determine if your floor’s seal is intact is by spilling a few drops of water over it. Simply find an inconspicuous area and pour a tablespoon of water over it. Your hardwood floor is probably sealed if tiny droplets of water bead on the surface. If the drops get absorbed into the subfloor, contact hardwood floor installation services immediately to fix the issue!

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