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Hardwood Textures and Finishes-What’s New?

Posted on April 29, 2022 by fivestarwood

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Considering the various finishes and textures is important when choosing hardwood flooring for your property. Each texture and finish give your flooring a different feel and look. Today, flooring manufacturers are all about creating distinct designs and patterns, giving your home a stylish trend. Here are some textures to consider when choosing hardwood flooring:

Wire Brushing

Wire brushed hardwood floors with an oil finishing are the latest trend in the flooring industry. The manufacturing process involves removing the softwood grains from the surface such that it highlights a beautiful grainy pattern. Wire brushing textures hide the stains and blemishes on the hardwood floors, reducing your maintenance needs drastically.

French Bleed  

Distressed hardwood floors are also an option for people who love an antique interior look. French bleed is a method to distress floorboards that gives them an aged appearance. French bleed gives a dark shade to your hardwood flooring, highlighting its grainy pattern and edges. The result will showcase old flooring, with each floorboard having its own story to tell!

Hand Scraping

Before sanding and refinishing services were introduced, the hand scraping technique was utilized to remove the sharp edges from each plank’s surface. Hand scraping provides a more balanced floorboard and adds a rustic charm to your house. It’s a labor-intensive method that gives more character to your hardwood flooring. The most important advantage of hand-scraped flooring is it’s easy to maintain. The rough surface will camouflage any scratches or dents on your floor. Therefore, hand scraping texture is ideal for individuals who don’t have time to clean or maintain their floors regularly.

Textured hardwood flooring

Fumed Hardwood

Fuming is a finishing type that darkens your hardwood floor naturally. The process involves spraying ammonia into the air surrounding the plank and letting the chemical reaction change the plank’s color. This finishing type offers character and depth to your hardwood floors.


Bleaching is the opposite of fuming as it lightens the plank’s color to give it a more Scandinavian appearance. Bleaching is optimum for homes that have a white-themed décor. Any hardwood type can be bleached for a lighter hue if done correctly.

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