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Hardwood Flooring: Pros and Cons

Wood floors come in a variety of colors, types, and patterns
Posted on September 19, 2022 by fivestarwood

Wood flooring has been on top of the flooring industry for years, and it is no different now. If you have decided to get wood floors, you have quite a few questions left to answer: what type of wood to choose? What color will look best for your space? Will every room have the same flooring? And so much more! But don’t worry; this blog will take you through the advantages – and the disadvantages – to help you make up your mind.

We at Five Star Hardwood Floor have multiple hardwood flooring options to choose from and provide expert consultation based on your space and budget. You can also simply choose to laminate or waterproof floors to mock some of the benefits of wood flooring. If you are in the Seattle area looking to renovate your flooring, learn all about us here.

Installing wood floors is done in straight planks or zigzag patterns

What Makes Hardwood Flooring So Special?

Hardwood flooring has been around for quite some time and still seems to be a popular choice among homeowners. According to experts, tile, stone, marble, and carpeting all come and go as per prevailing trends, but wood flooring seems to have a diehard fan following. Wood flooring is known for its aesthetic appeal, tying together any room with its rustic, cozy look and feel.

It is no secret that when we envision historic interior spaces, we see wood linings across the floors and even the walls. The only difference is that the use of wood as floors has come a long way. Wood flooring today is polished, finished, and refined. Today, we have waterproof floors that offer several additional benefits while retaining their classic vibe and elegance. Wood flooring history dates to colonial America, where floors were made of thick, uneven wood planks. These planks needed frequent replacement because the temperature and humidity variations would shrink them, opening cracks and crevices in the walls. However, floors today are interlocked carefully to withstand high temperatures, resist water and moisture, and sustain durability.

There are many different tones of wood floor based on the type chosen

Types of Hardwood Floors

1. Oak

Oak flooring is one of the most common choices among homeowners, and rightly so. Oak flooring is lustrous and often bright-colored yet provides the warmth of a cozy setting. Oak’s light tint means that it can easily be stained if you are looking for a darker floor, yet it maintains its benefits, such as increasing property value, providing durable yet beautiful flooring, and keeping up with fluctuating interior design trends.

You can purchase nearly any type and color of furniture with your Oak wood flooring. Its interesting tone helps you contrast various sofa designs, dining table colors, and even patterned curtains over windows. Oak floors are also much easier to clean and maintain, leaving little to no space for bacteria or germs to live for long periods. You don’t have to worry about waterproof floors because oak is water and stain-resistant.

2. Cherry

Although relatively new when compared to other types of wood flooring, Cherry wood floors are a luxurious pick for any setting. Cherry has no direct rivals because of its exclusivity, high-rated quality, and versatility. Cherry lumber is easy to work with yet has durable, tensile properties making it ideal for homes with large families or spaces with numerous people. Cherry lumber resembles exotic hardwood, making it a popular choice among manufacturers in the US.

3. Maple

Maple is the second most popular type of wood flooring among homeowners, especially if you are budget-conscious. Maple wood is a great choice if you want to add elegance yet a chic look to your home and increase property pricing. It is commonly known for its light tone, little grains, and smooth, glossy finish. Maple can also be solidified when you engineer it for finished floors. At Five Star Hardwood Floor, we provide the refinishing and staining of hardwood floors.

Maple wood is also known to improve indoor air quality because it is a natural dust-resistant flooring material, inhibiting the growth of bacteria as is abundantly possible on carpeted floors. When allergens and contaminants settle into the floor, they can prove to be harmful to residents and occupants. Hence, maple wood flooring makes cleaning easier and is naturally effortless to maintain.

4. Walnut

Naturally available in mid-tone wood floors, Walnut floors are ideal for large spaces as they give a cozy feel. Walnut has an open and straightforward grain pattern, closing in the space it is laid in. Black Walnut is domestically grown in the US and is another popular choice for people who want to compliment their light furniture and fittings.

Pros of Hardwood Flooring

Although discussed in detail above, hardwood is an all-rounded floor type chosen by people all over the world. It still maintains its age-old streak of beauty and elegance, and below are the many benefits to continuing choosing wood flooring:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Wood floors are elegant and trump the overall look and feel of any other kind of flooring. People can choose from many different types of wood, colors, patterns, and designs according to their preferences.

2. Maintenance

Installing floors of wood is guaranteed to make cleaning and maintenance easy for you. Their waterproof abilities, strength, and durability are all bound to convince you to make the right choice. You can never go wrong with wood floors.

3. Versatility

Wood opens the floor for many decorating ideas and looks. You can either use complementing wood tones for furniture or go for contrasting, innovative experiments. At the end of the day, wood floor aesthetics will not disappoint you!

4. Hygienic

When you choose wood floors, you consciously choose hygiene. As long as your floor is installed by a professional such as those at Five Star Hardwood Floor, you are guaranteed to leave no room for allergens to gather and cause problems. Wood floors also naturally repel dust, keeping the air in your space free of toxins and allergy-inducing organisms.

Dark wood floors often tie up the room making it cozy

Cons of Hardwood Flooring

1. Cost

Hardwood floors often require professional help while installing and sometimes maintenance. Although they prove to have higher ROIs in the long run, initial costs when installing floors may be higher than other forms of flooring.

2. Noise

Wood floors can get noisy over time as they squeak when walked on. While this happens in the longer run, it is crucial to ensure that initial installation efforts are top-notch to save yourself from the daily noise and hassle.

3. Scratches and dents

Although durable and sturdy, wood floors are also vulnerable to scratching and dents when impacted by heavy items. However, professional refinishing of wood floors can usually solve this problem almost instantly.


Hardwood floors are a great choice overall because their benefits outweigh their cons. If you are willing to look past the initial costs, it is easy to see that they provide a lot more value to you and your property in the long run.

At Five Star Hardwood Floor, our professionals ensure to perfectly refinish, laminate, and waterproof floors, so you have nothing to worry about. You can even contact us and opt for our services while installing hardwood floors so you can make your hardwood floors last longer.