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Bellevue’s Top-Rated Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Staining Services

hardwood floor refinishing in SeattleWhen it comes to staining and refinishing your hardwood floors in Bellevue and the surrounding area, we offer some serious advantages. First of all, we offer dustless sanding, which means all of the dust from sanding your hardwood floors is captured and carried to a sealed container outside your home. 

We offer custom colors for your stain, making it possible to match cabinets or woodwork in your home. Finally, we apply three coats of our high-end, commercial finish so your floors will look great for years to come. Get your custom hardwood floor refinished from us if you’re placed in Bellevue and are seeking dustless refinishing options.


Why is Refinishing an Indispensable Part of Good Flooring? 

One of the most appealing aspects of hardwood flooring is that it can last a lifetime or more while maintaining an amazing aesthetic. However, it does require proper maintenance to achieve that. 

Refinishing services are paramount to ensure your hardwood floor finish makes your Bellevue home look great and lasts longer than you do. 

When you have your hardwood floors refinished, the top layer is removed to reveal the brand-new wood beneath it. This is typically done by simply sanding it, but our team uses a dust-free refinishing process to keep your house from being covered in dust when we’re finished. 

After the floor’s top layer is removed, the flooring is then polished and resealed to make it look just as great as the day you got it installed. 

This greatly reduces the amount of maintenance you have to perform and keeps your floor from losing its appeal over the course of decades.


Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Gets Rid of the Mess

Sanding is a necessary evil when you install, refinish, or repair a hardwood floor. In the past, it was a messy process that left a thick layer of sawdust all over your home. It required family members and pets to leave the home while the sanding took place. That’s not how we do it at Five Star Hardwood Floors. We use a state-of-the-art dustless hardwood floor refinishing system designed to make the process clean and fast.

Our dustless sanding system, by Bona, eliminates the mess and clean-up frustration. We use the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System®, or DCS. It traps all dust before it can spread throughout your home or business and transports the particles into an Atomic DCS® trailer outside, which makes for a clean wood floor refinishing process in Bellevue, WA.


Benefits of Using the Bona Atomic DCS Dustless Sanding System on Your Bellevue Home’s Floors:

  • No airborne dust particles to settle on furniture, drapes, and carpets
  • No need to seal rooms with plastic sheeting
  • No dust in the ductwork to be blown around after the job is finished
  • Time savings – no need to hang and remove plastic sheeting when finished
  • No need to vacate your home or board your pets
  • Dust free environment ensures a perfect finish coat.
  • No need to protect the furniture or perform abnormal cleaning measures after the job is done. 
  • No reason to be concerned about triggering breathing-related problems and allergies. 
  • Protective equipment isn’t necessary to prevent respiratory problems. 
  • Money-saving opportunities due to shorter project time and fewer required materials. 
  • A more environmentally-friendly refinishing process due to properly collecting and disposing of debris. 
  • A more enjoyable experience while guiding our team to the hardwood flooring installation of your dreams.

We love this sanding system. It’s convenient, effective, and clean. We have used it to remove five layers of paint from a 60-year old wood floor and it looked fantastic.


Five Star Offers Custom Stain Colors for Perfect Resultscustom wood floor stain colors

It’s important to note that our service is highly customizable. You’re working along with our team in an advisory role to ensure that you receive the hardwood flooring of your dreams. With this, you can trust that you’re not just getting a long list of tangible benefits, but you’re also getting exactly what you want.

No matter what color you want your hardwood floors to be, we can create it with our custom stain colors. We can mix and match until it’s just the shade you want. No more settling for almost! You can match your cabinets or woodwork or find the perfect shade to complement them.




What’s the Cost of Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Bellevue? 

The exact cost of our refinishing services varies depending on the size and complexity of your flooring project, but we can guarantee that we strive to offer the most affordable refinishing costs in the Bellevue area. 

Not only do we keep our prices affordable, but the long-term and short-term benefits and savings you gain make our services worth every penny spent. 

With our refinishing services, you’ll enjoy longer-lasting and better-looking hardwood flooring for decades to come.


The Most Durable Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Bellevue

When it comes to finishing your floor, we use Bona Traffic® hardwood floor finish. It’s the industry’s premium hardwood floor finish for durability and beauty. Designed specifically for the unique demands of heavy traffic hardwood floors, its advanced formula provides the ultimate in durability, outperforming any finish in the industry – moisture cure, solvent-based, oil-modified, or other waterborne finishes. It’s even GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified so it won’t leave a strong chemical smell in your home.

We use it because we want our beautiful work to look great for a long, long time. We also apply three coats of finish to your Bellevue home’s wood floors, as opposed to the normal 1-2 coats, to ensure long-lasting results.


Benefits of Floor Refinishing:

There are multiple benefits of refinishing your floor, but we want to outline the most important and general ones: 

  • The complete removal of wear and tear. 
  • Removal of gouges, scrapes, and bumps. 
  • Re-leveled flooring after minor warping and similar issues. 
  • A fresh, clean appearance that looks as good as new. 
  • Years of life added back to your flooring.


If you are in the Bellevue area and need your hardwood floors stained and refinished, call us at 425-802-7517 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation in-home consultation.