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Hardwood Floor Design Trends for 2022

Posted on May 6, 2022 by fivestarwood

Hardwood flooring in a dining room

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of an indoor setting, there are few things that work better than hardwood flooring. Not only do hardwood floors not only offer a timelessly elegant look to your home or office interior, but they also guarantee lasting durability.

While several hardwood designs are popular in the world of interior design, a few styles stand out in 2022. These trending designs have caught people’s attention and have gained significant popularity since their launch. Here are some designs to consider for your property’s wood floor installation:

1. Vivid and Varied Colors

Hardwood floorboard colors and styles have gotten bolder over the years. While wooden planks usually display a subtle color variation, things have turned up a notch in 2022! This year, hardwood planks showcase bold and wild grains, featuring a blend of mixed hardwood species and colors.

2. Smoky Wood Floors

Grey floorboards swept the flooring industry off its feet years ago. Today, another grey flooring design is making its way into the interior design world. Smoky wood floors add extra character and drama to the property. The warm undertone offers a unique and appealing look. However, it’s the edgy and rustic appearance that’s gaining popularity. The planks are treated with ammonia, which causes a dark hue, enhancing the overall natural wood grain.

3. Whitewashed Floors

whitewashed hardwood floor in an empty house

Otherwise known as bleached floors, whitewashed hardwood is another intriguing flooring option you can consider installing this year. This modern design trend brightens up a setting, creating a rustic and relaxed atmosphere in homes.

A chemical solution is added to the hardwood planks, which gives it a lighter wood tone. Whitewashing gives hardwood floors a white appearance while still displaying the original grains.

4. Rustic Textures

Rustic floors reflect natural surfaces and textures, creating a calming and soothing aesthetic. The floorboards are brushed to reveal a rustic texture. Rustic textures go well in lodges, farmhouses, cottages, and any other place that requires a natural vibe or appearance.

5. Wide-Sized Planks

Hardwood plank size changes every few years. One flooring design that has recently resurged is wide hardwood planks.

Wide planks mean buying lesser pieces for construction. They allow the viewer to see more variation and grain across each floorboard.

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