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Hacks to Remove Scratches from Hardwood Flooring

Posted on March 11, 2021 by fivestarwood

A hardwood floor can make your home look elegant and pleasant but isn’t easy to save from scratches when you have pets and children running around. Here are some hacks that can help you remove these scratches:

Canola oil and vinegar

Scratches on hardwood floors are mainly caused by wobbling furniture. Mixing three parts of canola oil and 1 part vinegar and applying the solution to the damaged surface is a DIY hardwood flooring restoration trick that has always worked.

Baking soda and canola oil

Vacuum the floor well, and add baking soda that has been moistened with a few drops of olive oil to any areas that have been marred. Wait five minutes before buffing in with a soft cloth. Clean with a wet cloth; wipe with a towel afterward.

A damp cloth and an iron

Don’t worry if your furry friends have scratched the floors in several areas. All you’ll need are an ironing board and a damp rag. Dampen the dents and scratches and cover them with a wet rag. After that, iron in a circular motion on top of the damp fabric. Concentrate on the dent but don’t leave your iron box in one spot to avoid a burn.

Walnut shell

If the scratches are minor, a walnut can be used to hide them. Rub the scratch using the walnut shell. The natural oils would hide the planks’ defects in the shell.

Baby powder

It can be annoying to have a squeaky floor. Fortunately, there’s a hack you should consider before calling for help. You’ll need baby powder and a paintbrush; apply the powder to the squeaky area and then brush it through the planks’ gaps with the paintbrush.

Homemade cleaner

Are you in the midst of a cleaning emergency but have run out of cleaning supplies? Not to panic, there’s a simple three-ingredient cleaner you can make with common pantry ingredients. You’ll need a spray bottle, water, vinegar, and lemon essential oil for this hack. Fill the bottle equally with vinegar and water, as well as five drops of essential oil. To ensure correct mixing, give the mixture a good shake. You’ve made your spray mop; spritz the solvent while you scrub and wipe it with a microfiber mop afterward.

Hardwood walnut floor in residential home

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