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Flooring Ideas for Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted on April 15, 2020 by fivestarwood

If you have a nice view of the trees with birds chirping on them and a beautiful driveway that extends ahead, you need to make the most of outdoor spaces in your house. You don’t want to lose out on sitting on your deck and enjoying your evening tea with a mesmeric view on good days!

But most homeowners neglect these outdoor spaces because they’re not as big a part of their routine activities. With the right transformation and design changes, these outdoor spaces can be brought to use too!

All your indoor and outdoor spaces need is a strong, beautiful flooring to withstand foot traffic and elements. Here are some style suggestions for the best hardwood choices for home spaces.

Mahogany for a Modern-Style Deck

Conventionally, people have shied away from going with hardwood flooring for their decks. That’s because it’s commonly believed that wood can’t withstand rough conditions and harsh weather.

However, exotic wood choices like mahogany prove all these presumptions to be wrong. Known for its durability, mahogany is a great choice for outdoor home spaces.

It’s time that homeowners get rid of the traditional stone floors because your outdoors deserve a touch of the wood’s natural appeal and rustic attraction. You can get as experimental as you like. A professional wood installation company like ours will advise you about the right wood polish and maintenance routine that your outdoor floors will need.

Flooring Ideas 2

Beech for a Beautiful Bedroom

If you have chosen hardwood as your choice of flooring for the rest of the interiors, there’s no reason to betray the theme when it comes to the bedrooms.

Get a beautiful beech wood flooring for your bedroom. It’s a strong hardwood with tight grain and even texture for long-term durability. Light in color, it offers a wide range of color contrasts for all your furnishing desires.

If you’re particular about your bedroom exuding an aesthetic taste that’s unique to you, you can choose a different shade variant than the rest of the house.

Oak for the Front Porch

Nothing beats the classic appeal of oak flooring in the entryway that opens into the main house. This is a popular choice of wood that has been used for its hard-wearing qualities. Available in both brown and white, this is a choice that will never disappoint.

Be it for your front porch or your main hall, oak is the perfect wood flooring Seattle for the space. Get it installed today and you wouldn’t have to worry about a single tomorrow.

If you want to give your indoor and outdoor spaces an aesthetic upgrade with wood floor installation Seattle, call us right away. We can deliver what you wish for!