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Decor Ideas To Go With Dark Hardwood Floors

Posted on February 6, 2020 by fivestarwood

Dark hardwood floors have a huge appeal in modern interiors. While they’re enough to catch your eye on their own, you still need something more to complete the look.

Interior designers need to be wary of color intensities and warmth while choosing colors for interiors. The choice becomes particularly tough when you’re designing interiors with hardwood floors. You don’t want your interiors to look like there’s too much going on or that it’s missing something. You want the look to be just perfect—and that takes some planning!

Here are some décor ideas that work well with hardwood floors.

White Walls and Light Wood Furniture

Dark hardwood is a statement feature in your interior space. So having another statement color in the same space will make the colors clash. This is why dark furniture and bold wall colors don’t go well with dark hardwood.

You need colors that balance the intensity and warmth of the floors. White walls and light wood furniture is the best combination to pair with your floors.

This will create a pleasant contrast between the cherry or maple furniture and the wood-paneled floors that it’s standing on. The white walls provide a neutral backdrop for the interiors and accenting the floors and furniture.

Dark Hardwood Floors2

Match Legs To The Floors

Although contrast offers something new to the eye everywhere it looks, excessive contrast defeats the purpose. You don’t want every part of the interiors to stand out; this is why blending some colors works better.

A great way to do that is to match the legs of your furniture with the color of the floors. For instance, giving your leather seats or ottoman dark legs to match with your floors can create a pleasing harmony between the colors.

Similarly, for the walls, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bright white. You can choose from a palette of neutral notes from off-white to creams.

A Mix of Woods and Whites

If you want to include natural hues in your home interiors, you need to mix and match. For a forest-like appeal, have a darker shade of wood than the floor for the door frames and tabletops, and choose light-colored chairs and stools.

Dark Hardwood Floors3

This way, the dark shades will create a gradient while the lighter tones will bring more light in the space. Seal the look with indoor plants and hanging mistletoes to add a splash of fresh green in the rustic environment.

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