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Dark or Light Hardwood Finish: Which Should You Go for Your Floors?

Posted on October 5, 2020 by fivestarwood

Compared to carpet or tiling, getting hardwood flooring has many advantages. It looks amazing, has actual functionality and goes well with all kinds of themes. The flexibility and variety of options you have going with hardwood flooring are incredible.

If you get your furniture or walls painted in the future, you can always consider dustless refinishing along with a new stain to make your floor look completely different, just the way you want it to. Before you rush off for wood floor installation, here are a few things you should think about:

Lightwood Covers Scratches Better

Light hardwood isn’t better resistant than hardwood by any means. Because of the tones and color of the wood’s surface, all dents and scratches hide easily. Even if you have a scratch, sanding it will easily cover up any marks around the wood’s top.

Light stain wooden boards.

When dark hardwood gets scratched, the inner layer, which is often a lighter color, can get exposed and prominently. This sits out very clearly and ruins the look of the floor. Wood floor repair is one of the biggest concerns going with a darker stain.

The Lighting and Colors of The Room

You can make your room look larger than it is with the right combination of lighting, wall, and floor color options. A well-lit room with white paint on the walls and a light hardwood finish can give the image that a place is more prominent and more spaced out than it is, due to the perspective it creates.

In contrast, dark hardwood and darker paint can give a claustrophobic effect, making the room look small and confined.

The Surrounding Furniture

Here’s where dark hardwood takes the cake. It goes well with all kinds of themes and color palettes. Don’t make the mistake of getting flooring that resembles your furniture, as it looks relatively bland and boring with all that monotony. Maintain contrast, but dark hardwood reigns supreme here.

Dark wooden floor.

How’s the environment in the surroundings?

Sun exposure is harmful to light hardwood flooring. Due to the UV rays of the sun, it can face some discoloration. The discolored regions of the wood look faded and prominently imperfect. It may require some floor refinishing in the future.

The dark hardwood floor scores a point here, as it is more resilient. It can take on prolonged exposure due to the stain it has and still maintains its sheen.

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