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Cleaning Hacks for Hardwood Flooring

Posted on March 25, 2021 by fivestarwood

It’s essential to keep your hardwood floors clean and dirt-free since uncleanliness will detract from the luxury appearance and make the floor appear messy.

However, hardwood floors can be challenging to clean and maintain. Here is the perfect guide to transforming the hardwood floors from grimy and dingy to gleaming, beautiful, and spotless:

Clean the floors with black tea

While it sounds surprising, black tea can actually clean and polish your hardwood floor. Simmer a black tea bag in hot water. Once it has cooled, quickly dip your mop in and begin cleaning. You can also mix the black tea with your regular cleaner for quicker results.

Hardwood cleaner

To keep the hardwood floor looking its best, use a hardwood cleaner once a week. They’re easy to use, and a little preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run. Spray the cleaner on the floor and buff it nicely with a fabric or broom.

Use a microfiber mop

Washing hardwood floors can be difficult because you risk moving dirt around and onto the floor without cleaning it. When sweeping, using a microfiber mop is one way to prevent this. Before you use a wet mop or a wet wipe, make sure all the dust and tiny fibers are cleaned up and out of the way.

Clean in an S-shaped pattern

Clean the floors with a mop in an S-shaped pattern to you vacuum every inch of the tile. Keep your bucket next to you, and avoid stepping into places that you’ve already cleaned.

Clean with baking soda and lemon

A mix of lemon and baking soda can make a more natural cleaner. You only need 1 cup lemon juice + 1 tablespoon baking soda for this hack. For greater surfaces, increase the proportions of the formula.

Rubbing alcohol to disinfect the floors

Using 75 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol in your cleaning solvent or on its own will help you clean and disinfect the hardwood floor. The alcohol can remove most germs and bacteria and dry quickly, preventing your floor from absorbing moisture and helping it become clean and fresh.

Essential Oils, vinegar, and water

When you’re about to mop, use this mixture of vinegar, water, and essential oil to add a fresh fragrance to your cleaning solution. Essential oils come with many scents, so choose your preference and apply a few drops to your solution for an extra clean feel.

Floor cleaners on the hardwood floor

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