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Can You Refinish Pre-finished Hardwood?

Posted on September 5, 2022 by fivestarwood

Pre-finished hardwood doesn’t last forever. It can’t withstand heavy foot traffic and is only durable for a limited time. With an aluminum oxide coating, pre-finished wooden floorboards can display scratches boldly. The good news is that homeowners can opt for sanding and refinishing services to restore their floor’s original shine and color.

Therefore, whether you’ve moved into a new house with pre-finished wood, or don’t like the color and sheen of your existing pre-finished flooring, consider refinishing services to make your floor look as good as new! Here’s everything you need to know about refinishing pre-finished wood.

Filling the Bevel

Each floorboard consists of little grooves in between known as a bevel, which requires additional sanding. Sanding the bevel flat ultimately affects the number of times you can refinish pre-finished hardwood. According to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), filling the bevel with wood fillers can cause them to crack and peel off. Once that happens, you’ll have to refinish your flooring again.

Sanding Pre-finished Floor

The refinishing process is similar to the site-finished technique except for a few extra steps. Sanding pre-finished wood removes the oxide finish and makes your floor flatter. The floor is then sprayed with water to detect any missing spots. Water-popping allows the stains to penetrate deep into the wood flooring’s grains.

Dull hardwood floor of a living room

Seal and Finish

Sanding turns pre-finished wood into raw wood. Once your flooring has been stained, it’s ready for the sealant application. Sealants restore the color layer, giving it an ultimate shine! Once the sealant is dry, the flooring contractors will apply the finishing coat.

Key Takeaways

Worn-out pre-finished wood flooring can only be refinished up to 5 times. Homeowners can change their flooring color every time they opt for refinishing services. Remember not to fill the bevel if you plan on getting refinishing services a few more times in the future. Sanding services make your hardwood floor more resistant to scratches and abrasions. Lastly, refinishing pre-finished hardwood is only possible for solid hardwood and not engineered hardwood. Therefore, ensure your flooring type before choosing refinishing services.

If you’re looking for professional refinishing services in Medina, Washington, contact us at Five Star Hardwood Floors. We offer dustless refinishing for solid hardwood at affordable rates. Call us now to learn more about our services.