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6 Ways Not to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

A masked man cleaning a wooden floor
Posted on September 16, 2022 by fivestarwood

Wooden floors are the beauty of every home. They are rich in character and can significantly increase your home’s property value. While hardwood floors are strong and durable, maintaining them can be a bit challenging! Harsh cleaning products and improper techniques can cause your floorboards to wear well before time. Continue reading this blog to avoid using the following chemicals and cleaning products on your hardwood floors:

1. Ammonia

Ammonia is an effective cleaning agent, but it should never be used when cleaning hardwood floors. The chemical can damage your floor’s surface and even fade its color over time.

2. Oil-based Products

While many experts suggest it is okay to use oil for cleaning hardwood floors, let us set the record straight! A small amount of diluted oil is fine to restore your floorboard’s shine. However, applying too much oil regularly can cause your hardwood floor to become slippery. This increases the risk of falls for you and your loved ones. Thus, avoid using oil or oil-based products for cleaning hardwood floors.

3. Scrubs and Bleach

Scrubs can ruin your flooring’s seal and visual appearance, whereas bleaching agents can affect the wooden floorboard’s natural color. Therefore, avoid scrubbing your floors with hard brushes. Instead, use fibrous mops and wipers to wipe off spills and grease.

A woman cleaning the wood flooring of her porch

4. Glass Cleaners

Using glass cleaners to clean your wooden flooring is common for many homeowners. However, glass cleaners are only designed to clean glass and can cause your wooden planks to swell and expand over time. Hence, avoid glass cleaners as they aren’t ideal for cleaning the flooring systems of your home.

5. Wet Mops

Mopping your hardwood floor is fine if the mop isn’t super wet. Ensure to wring the mops properly before using them on your floorboards to avoid damage. Any standing water left on the wood can cause it to swell and break.

6. Steam Cleaners

Wood is porous and can absorb moisture easily. Therefore, avoid all steam-cleaning products to maintain your hardwood floor’s durability. Steam cleaners can cause long-term damage while ruining your home’s interior aesthetics.

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