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5 Window Trims That Can Add Value To Your Home’s Interior Decor

Posted on August 12, 2019 by fivestarwood

When it comes to design, it’s all about the details. In case of interior design, it’s no different. Here are all the window trim suggestions that can add details to your modern homes that look simple yet classy.

Flat Stock Trim

This is the simplest and safest window trim option people opt for. A typical flat stock trim is installed in the window opening and it outlines the window in a traditional fashion. Simple and cost-friendly, this trim option is most popular because of its ease and affordability. If matched with the door and cabinets, the theme stays consistent across the entire space and looks aesthetically appealing. To add a pop of color to jazz up the simple décor, you can get a wallpaper or a pastel-shaded wall.

Drywall Returns

Drywall is usually a hassle-free way of trimming windows but it must be noted that its durability can’t be guaranteed. It involves installing a piece of drywall on the edges of the window in the wall. It saves the interiors from complicated designs and simply fulfills the need for a minimalist design. The trim blends into the wall perfectly and highlights the window opening, as a result. Instead of demarcating an area on the wall where the window is carved out, this seamless transition into an opening seems more natural.

Thin Trims and Jamb Extensions

A jamb extension makes it seem like the window frame was extended for the full width of the window. The interior piece of trim attached to the insides of the window is matched with the wood used in the trim. This is a simple window trim that cleanly finishes the look of the ideal urban home. Minimal in details and yet equally classy, thin trims with jamb extensions work as well in residential spaces as in professional settings.


If you really want a big window in your room or by the stairs and an unobstructed vision of outdoors, you should definitely go for a thin trim. This will only create enough finishing around the glass pane that looks like a shadow. True to its name, it’ll reveal the outside world to your eyes, unaltered and as natural as it is. Not only is it a great idea for nature-lovers, but is also a popular design feature used in modern interiors. It’ll give your windows a nice finish and add minor details in the area.


No Trim

Nothing looks dreamier and magnificent than floor to ceiling glass windows! If you have a nice view outside, it makes the deal even better. Imagine waking up to widespread green branches and birds chirping to greet you. These window walls can truly make your home interiors an iconic example in the neighborhood and the industry! Having no window trims further eliminates the sense of boundaries and makes the window wall seem like an opening into the open.

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