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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Hardwood Floors

Posted on June 18, 2021 by fivestarwood

Don’t you want your modest home in Seattle to look a little more like the celebrities’ luxurious LA Villas? One way to make that happen is to install hardwood flooring in your house. Wooden flooring looks extravagant, and it is also a timeless fashion.

Now that you are considering getting a hardwood floor, here is a five-step guide to picking the right hardwood flooring for your home.

1. Choose between Engineered vs. Solid Flooring:

Traditionally, solid, thick planks were what constituted wooden floors. But today, we get the option of installing engineered wood flooring as well. These comprise a thinner hardwood top layer, joined with other layers to prevent the wood from getting damaged during seasonal contraction and expansion. While not providing this flexibility, solid floors have their charm as they appear more aesthetic and are quieter.

For apartments that already have a concrete subfloor, going with an engineered wooden floor is a wise decision. However, be careful when picking out engineered wood as it may have a top layer too thin that it is impossible to sand when a refinish is required.

2. Select Prefinished or Site Finished Wood:

Hardwood comes in two ways. One is raw and needs to be refined and finished after the installation has happened. And the other is prefinished, i.e., the wood planks have already been stained and top coated and are ready for installation.

Prefinished wood flooring is usually hassle-free and requires lesser effort while providing the same finesse. Another advantage of prefinished wood is that you already know how the final look of the floor would be, and there are no unpleasant surprises.

3. Pick the Type of Finish:

The finish and stain that you choose determine how the final look of your floor would be. The finish is also significant in preventing dirt from penetrating the surface of the wood. There is a wide range of colors, from dark charcoal to white oak, that you can choose from. This depends on your preferences and other interior components of your house. You also get to choose from an array of finishes ranging from oil finish to UV-cured. It is recommended that you consult your flooring contractor.

4. Determine The Wood Type:

A wooden surface

There’s a wide variety of wood types that you can pick your favorite from. Oak is usually the most common choice in North America as it is sturdy and takes on stain well. There are other choices like maple, cherry, and bamboo as well. Don’t worry; an experienced flooring contractor would guide you through the process and help you in picking the suitable wood for your home.

5. Figure Out Plank Size:

Usually, the norm is to get 2 to 3 inch wide strips of planks installed. However, today, companies have started offering a variety, going up to 6 to 7-inch width. Your preferred plank size can depend on the size of the room and your home’s architectural style.

Do you want to get hardwood flooring installed in Seattle? Give us a call! We will get the installation done for you and help you pick the right wood type, finish, and stain.