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4 Reasons Your Floor Needs Dustless Refinishing.

Posted on June 17, 2022 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors beautify homes and add elegance and charm to your property. They are visually appealing, durable, and can last for a lifetime if installed correctly. While hardwood floors offer countless benefits to both commercial and residential property owners, they are susceptible to wear and tear. Factors such as frequent spills, moisture absorption, pet’s toenails, etc., can comprise their shine and finish. In this context, homeowners can benefit greatly by availing dustless refinishing services from a reliable flooring contractor. Look out for the following signs that suggest your hardwood floor needs to be refinished:

1. Scratch Marks

From kids and pets running around the house to rearranging furniture, your hardwood floors can get scratched for various reasons. While a few minor cracks aren’t a big concern, you should consider dustless refinishing services if the scratches continue spreading. Scratch marks, scuffs, abrasions, etc., can make your floors less attractive and ruin your home’s indoor aesthetics.

2. Water Damage

Solid hardwood floors are highly vulnerable to water and moisture damage. While engineered hardwood is more water-resistant, both types can stain if exposed to excessive moisture content. Therefore, if you notice tough stains on your flooring, contact flooring services near you to restore your hardwood floor’s original look. You can also ask flooring contractors to add a sealant on the floor’s surface to protect it from further stains and spills. A sealant will make your hardwood floor impervious to spills and prevent water seepage through the sub-layers.

An old and worn-out hardwood flooring

3. Wood Discoloration

Solid hardwood’s color may change due to several reasons. These include:

  • Moisture absorption
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Using harsh cleaning or bleaching agents
  • Frequently cleaning the floor with a hard-bristled brush

Fixing this problem early on will prevent your hardwood floor from turning black. Consider dustless refinishing services to restore your flooring’s original beauty.

4. Moving Floorboards

Old hardwood floors are more likely to creak and move as you walk over them. Aged floorboards can also ruin your home’s structural integrity over time. Contact professional flooring installers to refinish your floors immediately when these symptoms are evident.

If you’re in Woodinville, you can trust Five Star Hardwood Floors to help you out! We offer affordable dustless refinishing services in Woodinville and other neighboring areas. Reach out to us today to get a free quote and professional advice for your home’s flooring!