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3 Ways to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Posted on October 28, 2021 by fivestarwood

Although floor refinishing is a job best suited for the experts, sometimes the DIY enthusiast within us can get the best of us. Technically, you can perform light refinishing jobs on your own, however, it is extremely important to use the correct equipment and the right steps. Otherwise, the finished job can look shabby, and it can also expose the floor to further damage.

For all the DIY enthusiasts, this blog will help you get started on your floor refinishing projects.

What Are the Basic Steps?

A room with refinished hardwood floor


To make sure you don’t perform a botched-up job of your hardwood floor refinishing, we have listed some steps to follow to get great results. You should also read this useful guide on refinishing hardwood floors.

Use an Abrasion-Kit to Prep the Floor

The first thing you’ll need to start with your floor refinishing is an abrasion kit. These kits have chemical compounds that remove the top finish of your floor so the new coat will stick. Abrasion kits include all the necessary tools along with an easy-to-read manual. All you have to do is apply the chemical with a pad and wait for it to start working. Make sure you’re wearing protective clothing to prevent any accidents.

Buff the Surface and Clean the Dust

The next thing you’ll need to do is buff the chemically treated surface to make it even. This can also get rid of small scratches and dents. But buffing creates a lot of dust, so make sure you clean up thoroughly after you’re done, or else the refinishing won’t look good. It is important to remember that if you use a buffing machine, it won’t reach the corners, so don’t forget to buff the corners manually.

Recoat and Revitalize For a Brand New Hardwood Floor

Once you’re done buffing the surface, you’re ready for the recoating. You can use a water-based or an oil-based polyurethane coat to seal everything and protect it from damage. Essentially, you’re done at this point. But if you feel like the floor needs a little bit of oomph, a coat of revitalizing gloss can make it smoother and shinier.

If you feel like all this is a bit too much, you can always consult a professional dustless hardwood floor refinishing service. Five Star Hardwood Floor offers free quotations and many refinishing and hardwood flooring services. Contact us today to learn more.