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3 Ways Dustless Refinishing Is a Blessing for Single Moms

Posted on July 9, 2020 by fivestarwood

Mother carrying baby

Raising a baby alone has its pains and joys. Waking up to the cooing of a little one squirming in your arms is how mothers describe perfection. Seeing those little angels crawling around the house and squealing at first glance of their mother fills your heart with love.

But as a single mom, your duties go beyond cuddling your little darlings or preparing their meals. You need to look after every need that your baby can’t voice, which includes their health and safety.

Along with a baby, you have to look after your house too. You can’t hire just about any flooring company when your floors need refinishing. You need a safe and quick solution for your floors. That’s why dustless refinishing is your best shot.

Less Commotion

Traditional forms of hardwood refinishing are more a nuisance than a convenience. You have to cover every surface with plastic sheets, move out the furniture, and leave the house.

With dustless refinishing, you can minimize the commotion and enjoy a comfortable flooring service. The process doesn’t generate as much air pollution as older methods. You can get done with the job within a short period and save time.

The service won’t interrupt your routine at all, and you can stay in the house while it’s happening. This will save you the hassle of packing and moving, which is doubly tough with a baby!

Mother with Baby

Safety Precautions

Wood dust is labeled a carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer – causing cancer in the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, and nasopharynx. It’s also associated with eye irritation, dermatitis, and respiratory issues.

These health risks make the home environment extremely dangerous while the service is being performed – you can’t keep your baby in a disease-prone environment. But thanks to dustless refinishing, the service is safe for both you and your child.


The dustless sanding and refinishing system are great for keeping the air clean from sawdust and reduce the clean-up effort afterward.

We don’t use older refinishing methods that coat your house with sawdust. That’s a pain to clean, and with a baby to look after, you can’t handle the extra work! Being a single mom, you can’t leave your baby with anyone while you clean the mess, either.

Our dustless system utilizes the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System® that traps dust particles and transports them into an Atomic DCS® trailer that’s parked outside. This means that the mess is cleaned on the go, and there’s nothing left for you except a gleaming hardwood floor.

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