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3 Signs It’s Time to Refinish Your Old Hardwood Floors

Posted on January 13, 2020 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors are an elegant, valuable, and desirable detail that adds character and beauty to any home. But even though hardwood floors have a natural tendency to age elegantly, homeowners must maintain them regularly.

Not taking care of hardwood floors can cause stains, scratches, and other marks on the surface which can damage the floor and ruin its beauty. Protecting and constantly caring for them ensures they remain in good condition for a long time. However, in time, hardwood floors require refinishing, or even complete replacement.

Once the wood flooring starts to depreciate, there are certain warning signs that can alert a homeowner that it might be time to get it refinished.

Here’s what you need to look out for:

Lots of Scratches:

While minor scratches are no big deal, a large number of scratches probably means that it’s time to get the flooring refinished. Scratches are usually more visible on darker stained woods and are hard to spot on lighter tones.

Sometimes, you can cover up scratches with an area rug if they are limited to a small area. However, in most cases, it’s a good idea to get it refinished for a polished and smooth look.

Discoloration on The Boards:

Discoloration is an obvious sign that you need to get the flooring refinished. It’s important to get this done before it gets damaged beyond repair.

The main cause of discoloration can be attributed to the polyurethane layer wearing away. The layer protects the wood from absorbing water, which can oxidize the wood and causes it to turn gray or black.

Sun Damage:

Sun Damage:

Sometimes, a particular area of the house receives more sunlight than other parts. This can result in fading and discoloration that’s caused by sun damage from UV rays. Sanding and refinishing these areas restore the natural color of the flooring by removing the damaged top layer and applying a new stain.

Professional Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Refinishing

At Five Star Hardwood Floor, we provide installation, refinishing and repair of custom Hardwood Flooring Services Seattle. Our refinishing process involves the application of three coats of our high-quality commercial finish to ensure the best results.

We also offer Wood Floor Dustless Refinishing Seattle and waterproof wood flooring as part of our additional services to revamp your floors and keep them looking new for longer. Contact us today for a free estimate for your home!