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3 Factors That Damage Wood Finish

Posted on May 13, 2020 by fivestarwood

Remember when you got new hardwood floors and admired how smooth and shiny they looked? That admiration can get sour with time as the once-glistening floor turns dull and dreary.

Interiors do age, but it’s the floors that can make the place look older than it is. That’s why hardwood refinishing is so important!

To maintain the original look of your hardwood floors, you need to make its finishing last long. There are some common reasons why your hardwood floors suffer due to negligence and natural causes. Avoiding them can preserve the look and quality of your wood finish for years.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is the most common reason that your wood floors lose their original glossy finish. But it’s also inevitable if your building receives a lot of visitors. This is why commercial offices need to invest in hardwood refinishing to keep their floors looking good as new.

People bring dirt and gunk attached to the soles their shoes when they come inside the building. The dirt particles drag along the smooth surface of the floor and leave countless scratches that gradually wear off the finish coat. The more foot traffic your floors receive, the sooner the floors will look dull and lackluster.

Wood Finish


Furnishing your home or office can make every corner of the space pop out with a unique style. Although choosing the right furniture for the place is an integral part of interior design, it can affect your interior flooring too.

Heavy furniture pieces such as bedroom sets, bookcase, dining tables, and couches, when placed on a hardwood floor, can leave permanent dents and scratches on the floor. Moving furniture around such as dragging chairs or rearranging smaller pieces like coffee tables can damage the wood finish.

Harsh Cleaners

It’s good to be regular with your cleaning routine. Even more so, since cleaning ourselves and our homes is the only way to curtail the ongoing pandemic. But you need to be careful while mopping hardwood floors.

Don’t just pick any cleaner from the rack to mop your floors. Or don’t follow any DIY cleaning hacks on the internet to clean wood stains. That can cost you the gleaming finish of your hardwood floors. Harsh chemicals can dissolve the wood polish and expose the material to environmental factors that can damage it. A mildly damp cloth is enough to clean your floors.

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