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What Wood Go with This? Interior Design Themes that Go With Hardwood Floors

Posted on September 11, 2019 by fivestarwood

The options are endless when it comes to wooden flooring for a home. There’s something for everyone, in terms of budget and styles. However, when choosing wooden floors for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the overall look of the interiors:

Open floor plans

More and more homeowners prefer having an open floor plan for their humble abode. There are many reasons behind this choice like the increased value of the home, a more modern feel and more open spaces.

Wooden flooring, in particular, pairs the best with open floor plans. Make sure there are no seams that ruin the flow of the space. Install hardwood planks in the home in a way that promotes the idea of open spaces. The direction of the planks should flow from room to room without any dividers. Also, make sure you’re consistent with the flooring option to make the area look as spacious as possible.

Always incorporate rugs

Open floor plans

While hardwood floors add warmth and a homely feeling to your house because of its color and rustic appeal, it still lacks that softness. Walking over hardwood floors can end up making your feet hurt. Minimize the discomfort by adding rugs into your home. Intricate rugs add to the beauty of your interiors while creating a difference in texture, which breaks the visual monotony.

Modern elements

While hardwood floors are a reminder of more traditional homes, there’s something so special about having hardwood floors coupled with modern accents. Don’t be afraid to try hardwood flooring for your minimalist home.

Don’t stick to the same color

When it comes to the wooden elements in a home, most individuals feel the need to match everything. Don’t feel forced into choosing just one color of wood for your home. While the wooden floors can be one color, your furniture pieces don’t have to match exactly. In fact, you can make your interiors look more fun by adding a pop of color on the furniture!

Balance the area with soft spots

Hardwood floors can look very rigid and can do with décor items that’ll make them look softer. Contrast the firmness of the wood with the softness of different fabrics. Plush throws on the sofa, layered curtains, upholstered furniture like an ottoman, and floor cushions are some ways to adds softness to a room.

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