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Tips to Keep Your Dark Hardwood Flooring Looking at Its Best

Posted on June 10, 2020 by fivestarwood

Dark hardwood floors are bold, dramatic, and modern. But the darker the shade of a hardwood floor, the more likely it is for dirt and scratches to be visible. Hence, you have to be extra careful around dark hardwood flooring, and need to take every precaution possible.

When designing a space around a dark hardwood floor, make sure you pair it with lighter furniture and paint to balance the dark spots and shallowness of the room.

The dark hardwood floors might take more time cleaning than their counterparts, but they are also great at hiding problems. They don’t fade quickly either, which means they require less refinishing over time.

Moreover, cleaning a dark hardwood floor doesn’t have to be tiring or worrisome. And the following tips will ensure it won’t be.

Wear Socks And Shoes To Minimize Fingerprints

Most people dislike the bare footprints that start to show up on dark hardwood floors. You can quickly solve this problem by instructing everyone to wear either socks or shoes around the house. But remember, you should only wear house slippers, the ones that are soft and won’t leave marks or dents on the floor.

Buy A Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Water is disastrous for hardwood floors. It can quickly soak in, leading to wet patches and warped wood.

Hence, investing in a quality vacuum cleaner is very important when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floor.

Dark Hardwood Flooring

Invest In A Dry Dust Mop

A dry dust mop is an essential cleaning tool if you have a hardwood floor. It’ll help you clean away a small quantity of dust that doesn’t require a full round of vacuum and cleaning up.

Use Felts Pads

You should install felt pads under all the furniture that you’re going to keep on your hardwood floor directly. Whether its a table, chairs, a piano table, or a sofa, they can quickly leave scratches if they are dragged around on the floor too often.

Felt pads can also easily fall off. So you have to buy extra. Check to see if they’ve fallen off from your furniture to reinstall them as soon as possible.


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