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Make Your Home Child-Friendly With Hardwood Flooring

Posted on November 15, 2019 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors are a popular choice when it comes to bolstering the aesthetic value of office and home spaces; but did you know that they are also an excellent choice for making your home child-friendly?

Growing children love spending time on the floor—whether they are learning how to crawl or running around exploring every nook and corner that their tiny hands can reach—your floor is a playground for kids. And that means it needs to accommodate all their mischief.

Here are all the reasons why getting a hardwood floor is the best thing you can do for your growing child.

They Are Extremely Durable

Child-friendly flooring needs to be extremely durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance, and hardwood flooring delivers on all of these fronts.

Hardwood floors can easily withstand years of abuse from kids playing, without needing many repairs—apart from the occasional sanding.

However, if you’re opting for a hardwood floor, make sure to do your research and check the Janka Hardness rating for the type of wood you’re opting for before making your final purchase.


Make Your Home Child-Friendly With Hardwood Flooring


They Keep Allergies At Bay

Another important property is their ability to not absorb dirt, pollen, dust or debris.

This does two things: it makes the floor relatively easy to clean, and keeps most allergies involving dust and other small particles at bay, keeping your kid and the rest of the family healthy and happy.

They Keep The House Clean

Small children are bound to run around, and since hardwood floors are very easy to clean and don’t absorb dirt, you won’t have to worry about dirty feet staining bedsheets, sofas, or other light-colored items around the house.

Do Not Stain Easily

Homes with little children are more prone to spillage accidents; for example, those involving paints, nail polish, beverages, and knocked over cereal.

It’s important for a house like this to have floors that don’t stain easily, in addition to being easy to clean—which is exactly what hardwood provides.

If you’re thinking of going for hardwood for your residential flooring or to design your child’s nursery, you can get the floor installed by our experts at Five Star Hardwood Floor for Seattle flooring. Check out our work online.

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