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Hardwood Flooring For The Kitchen—To Be Or Not To Be

Posted on November 6, 2019 by fivestarwood

Hardwood floors offer a number of aesthetic and practical benefits when it comes to kitchens. They are easy to clean as they do not absorb dust, they have a clean, practical look that, and provide the necessary durability that kitchen floors require.

They are also a great option for people who experience various allergies, a stark difference compared to carpets or floors that absorb dust.

Here’s everything that makes hardwood flooring a great option for your kitchen.

They Are Super Easy To Clean

Along with being stylish and sustainable, another huge factor that makes hardwood floors the go-to choice to style-out a space is that they’re extremely easy to clean—making them ideal for kitchens.


From spilling a bowl of spicy red pasta or accidentally knocking a glass of orange juice down, a practical surface that won’t absorb the frightful color is a lifesaver.

Hardwood floors also don’t absorb dust and debris, allowing you to easily sweep it away and ensuring a clean, allergy-free house.



Are Durable

Even though hardwood floors are softer and warmer underfoot than most types of flooring, including vinyl and laminate, they are very durable.

According to most designers, hardwood floors last for decades, no matter where they are installed, as long as refurnishing treatments are performed every five years or so.

These floors give a nice, warm glow to the kitchen and look especially well-put-together if the flooring is connected to other parts of the house, providing a sense of consistent visual flow.

Create An Illusion Of Space

Hardwood floors create the illusion of space, making spaces easier to work in.

They also add a livable and comfortable look to a kitchen space, making the house look more welcoming overall.

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