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Common Wood Floor Issues and Their Solutions

Posted on October 13, 2020 by fivestarwood

As strong as wood can be, if it isn’t taken care of, it can end up in a state where it needs to be fixed and repaired. General use, as well as the forces of nature, take quite the toll on wooden floors.

As time passes by, the floors require refinishing and repair when they’ve been through frequent turmoil. One of the best methods to improve the look and give your floor new life is dustless refinishing. Here is a list of some common problems you might encounter with your hardwood floor after continued use:

A room with a wooden floor.

Wear and Tear

Wood is naturally resilient. Wooden floors have a protective coating on them, which helps them survive against the average beating. But this coating can only last for so long. The floor will inevitably have some friction over it, be it in the form of people or pets walking over it or something falling on it.

A scratched up wooden surface.

All of these lead to dents, scratches, and blemishes over the surface of the wood. It’s more commonly spotted in high traffic part of the house, such as near doors, furniture such as chairs that are moved often, and sitting areas. Usually, sanding down the floor gets the job done.


Water is wood’s archnemesis. Keep the two as far away from each other as possible. If you notice the wood on your floor starting to cup around and warp, this is a sign that water has made its way into the surface of the wood. It creates unevenness in the floor design and sticks out a bit.

You can get lucky, and the moisture will evaporate on its own, without you having to do something about it. Otherwise, some sandpaper will help fix the issue. If left for too long, you might have to consider a new hardwood floor installation.

Irregular Gaps

Floor designs have gaps in them for aesthetic reasons, but there can be uneven gaps between the wooden planks due to multiple reasons. The first cause is improper installation and the sign of a lazy job done by the woodworker or person installing the wood.

The second reason is the wetness of the wood during installation. Lastly, if the floor is in a dry environment, it tends to expand. This expansion of wood creates irregular gaps within planks, almost as if misshaped pieces were put together. Pieces of wood can be placed in between the gap and sanded down to fill the spaces.


Buckling is when the planks of hardwood become separated from the subfloor. This can occur due to improper installation, poor quality of adhesive when setting up the floor or due to moisture beneath the surface.

Wood floor repair services can resolve this issue fairly easily.

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